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Help Daniel reach Miami to receive Oncological treament for a major lymphatic infection now affecting his entire body.

As you may or may not know, over the last six months I have lost over 14% of my body mass, had a baseball sized growth removed from a lymph node in my groin and endured a ton of other infections. 12 hospital visitis in 7 months, not been able to hold down solid food, and preliminary test results show possible lymphoma. Key West docs cannot do much, so we have to go to Miami. The medical billls are mostly covered by insurance but we have to lodge, eat, rent a car, and all for 6 days.

We have 4 specialists lined up: a Radiologist to get a clear picture of the affected node and insert a nerve block to help limit the need for narcotic pain relievers; an Oncologist to go in surgically, see what can be done, and even possibly remove the node; a Gastrointerologist to examine what is happening in the GI tract that is causing the inability to take in solid food; and the Infectious Disease Specialist to monitor how the HIV reacts to all this along the way.

The major risk in all this is that there are major nerve fibers to the left leg running directly through the affected node, as well as an artery to the same leg. Thus, the surgery carries the risk that Daniel could lose the use of his left leg if the surgery on the node is not performed by a consumate professional in the field. As a 20+ year survivor living with AIDS, Daniel has faced his fair share of challenges, this by far having been the most trying.

Daniel does have Medicare/Medicaid to help cover cost of tests and procedures. However, David working full time on minimum wage and Daniel on minimum disability, we are desperately trying to raise money for accommodations, car, food et al. The local service organizations can help to a point, but even that assistance is limited. Once all is said and done, there will still be co-pays to doctors, clinics, labs, etc that need to be paid.

Any help would be appreciated either monetarily or in the form of prayers and warm wishes. A few hundred dollars have been generously donated by friends and we could use more. Thanks for helping us make this ordeal come to an end. Answers are all we want and treatment we can deal with from there. Thanks for your help and prayers.

Daniel and David
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