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Please help us with raising money for chandras back operation. please show your support.

Dear Friends, Family and Colleagues,

Firstly, my sincerest appologies for sending out a mail of this nature. This is not the type of mail I would ordinarily send out, if I had the means I would not have to be in a position to ask, however, I ask if anyone would be able to help, as Chandra is in need of an urgent operation, the costs of which are wrenching, and are estimated to be in the region of R200 000,00. The attachment hereto are the quotes I have received from the hospital, her orthopeadic surgeon, anaesthatist and prosthetists, I am asking if anyone could please assist with a donation, alternatively circulate this mail to your friends and family.

I do not have medical aid at present, am unable to procure a loan as I am under sequestration and in any event do not have any assets to enable me to secure a loan.

Chandra is my 13 year old daughter, who was born with congenial heart disease and scoliosis. This child is a special little girl that is extremely lovable and has an extremely open, happy, content personality. She draws people towards her and everybody that meets her has a special place for her in their hearts. She is extremely strong willed and strong spirited, always eager to please. Its just the kind of child she is. Special indeed.

Cause of Urgency

On Thursday last week Chandra tripped and fell down 3 large steps at school. This child, as she does, but put on her strong face, let the teacher bandage up her foot which was hurt in the fall and never complained. Even when I picked her up from school she insisted that her foot was just a little sore, nothing more. Because of Chandra's medical condition, in particular that she has 2 surgical spinal rods in her spine, I decided it was best to make sure she did not hurt herself more than she was professing. She was taken for exrays last Friday. Not only is her foot brokern, but from the impact of the fall, one of the rods has snapped in half and the other rod has become dislodged and there is a small fracture in the lower half of her spine. Since then its just been to and from doctors and specialists to assess the situation. On arriving at her Orthopeadic surgeon on Monday, he took one look at Chandra and just shook his head. This doctor has labeled Chandra "Wild Thing". He states it is virtually impossible to snap these titinium rods, let alone twice in a period of a year and let alone on the second occasion both rods are broken. The "Wild Thing" label is pretty humerous and of course this child smiles, laughs, makes jokes. She's such a positive child.

Her doctor advises that he will need to operate urgently as both spinal rods are moving around do not have any functionality in her spine whatsoever and would in all probability press through her skin alternatively press against her spinal column which may paralyse her. The fact that she is on crutches at present does not help the situation and therefore the chances of the rods moving around in her spine or protruding through the skin are larger.

The doctor advises that the surgery will be a big procedure which will take approximately 3 to 6 hours in theatre as he will have to remove both spinal rods which he intends to replace with the adult strength rods. He estimates that post op, Chandra will have to stay in ICU for about 2 / 3 days, high care for 2 / 3 days then normal ward for 3 / 4 days.

Brief History

Chandra has undergone various medical procedures in her young life.

Due to Chandra's heart condition (missing pulmonary valve and other congenital defects) Chandra has undergone various cardiocaths since birth.

The first three months of her life was spent in an incubator. Chandra's various defects were picked up prior to birth and medical professionals did not beleive that she would survive in the womb, let alone survive the birth process. The heart condition was picked up on the 28 week scan and the scoliosis was picked up on the 34 week scan. Chandra was however delivered on full term by way of emergency ceaser as she went into fetal distress when I was in labour. A medical team on standby bagged this newly born baby for approximately 3 hours, revived her to a satisfactory condition before placing her on 100% oxygen.

During June 2005 Chandra had 2 spinal fusions, however such fusions were unsuccesful.

Chandra became extremely ill during 2009 as she had reached her growing spurt and was growing at such a rate her spine was growing crooked inwards and were pushing into her vital organs into her rib cage, thus causing pulmonary (lung) disorders and Chandra was not able to breach propertly. Doctors advised that her spine was growing so crooked that it was almost at a 90% angle and that as the spine was pushing her vital organs into her rib cage, the lungs and the heart were not growing or functioning propertly. That should Chandra not have corrective spinal surgery, she would only have a maximum of two years left to live.

As many of you donated blood for Chandra's blood transfusions, those of you will recall, Chandra underwent spinal surgery during August 2009 when 2 titanium rods were inserted into Chandra's back to straighten up her spine spine. This procedure was succesful, although her spine was no longer growing at a 90% angle, it was now on a 45% angle and no longer pressing her vital organs into her rib cage, and doctors advise that the angle would decrease as she grew.

Until Chandra reaches her full size and her growing spurt is finished, the spinal rods have to be lengthened on a 6 monthly to a yearly basis. Chandra underwent a small proceedure during March 2010 to lengthen the rods.

During August 2010 Chandra bent down to pick up her school bag and one of the spinal rods snapped in half, as a result of which Chandra underwent surgery for the replacement of the broken rod.

Once again Chandra became extremely ill and during June 2011 Chandra underwent open heart surgery. She was given an artificial valve and other defects in her heart were attended to. This procedure most certainly improved her quality of life as her "sats" (oxygen in blood levels) are now almost normal. The valve will however have to be replaced every 5 to 10 years as doctors have explained to me that the artificial valve is a foreign object in the body and the body will over time reject the artificial valve or the valve will deteriorate over a period of time.

Request for Help

As advised, the operation is extremely urgent and I ask, that if anyone could possibly give a small donation, any contribution will help. If you are not in a position to make a donation, I request that you please forward my email to all your friends and family. It would truely be greatly appreciated.
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