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Charles a single father and his son Antonio who is 11 years old are going through a very difficult time right now and desperately needs help.

Charles has been stricken with cancer and doe's not have any insurance or family members that can help in in this matter he was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer of the stomach and has had 3 surgery's numerous doctor visits, and home nurse visits, his stomach was cut open and part of his stomach has been removed .

A feeding tube was inserted into his belly in order for him to get nourishment followed by 3 separate sessions of Chemo Therapy and Radiation Treatments. Now it is time to pay for all of this and there is no way that he can do that with out some help. The bill has gotten out of control it is now at $126.000 and he still has to visit his doctor because some new pain has come into play in the last month. So with all of that being said we need to all come together and try to support Charles in this matter.
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