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The friends of Danny Haun are joining forces to help Danny in the fight of his life. Any donation and prayer would be greatly appreciated.

I am writing this on behalf of my dear friend, Danny Haun.  As a health care provider, I have seen the devastation visited upon families when they do not have insurance to cover unexpected catastrophic medical expenses.  Danny has been self employed as an electrician and as a result, he does not have health insurance. In today’s ruined economy, he will only charge customers what they can afford to pay.  He has always been a fair and compassionate man and believes that it is not seemly to strive for more income than it takes to live a modest lifestyle.  He has always felt that, “It is more important to be sure their house doesn’t burn down around them, than to make a big profit.” As a result of this philosophy, there just wasn’t enough money left over to purchase expensive health insurance.
Danny has recently been diagnosed with Stage III colon cancer.  He is currently taking both chemotherapy and radiation treatments. The oncologist says he has a pretty good chance of beating it, but in the last eight weeks he has lost 42 pounds.   He has applied for financial assistance and has been granted a large cost reduction from the hospital in Greenville.  All additional financial assistance he has applied for is still pending approval.  In the mean time bills keep pouring in.  He has gone through all his savings and is beginning to sell off what personal possessions he has that are of any value.  Even though he is very sick and tired, he is still trying to work on the rare days when he does not have a doctors’ appointment. 
Cancer treatments diminish the body’s immune system, which makes it vulnerable to infection.  Every time Danny goes out in public he is taking a chance of catching an infection which his body cannot fight off now.  Rather than worrying about his next bill payment, Danny needs to be able to stay home, relax and focus all his energy on getting better.  Danny Haun is a proud man and would not ask for a bucket of water if his pants were on fire.  That is why I feel compelled to be his voice and ask for your prayers and financial assistance.  I am asking that you contribute to this fund to provide financial support to help Danny cover the cost of travel to medical appointments, living expenses, medication and treatments. A realistic goal for expected expenses is to raise $15,000.00 in the next few months.     
Danny Ray Haun is the caliber of soul that graces this Earth with his unique personality.  He is 58 years old and his family has been in Tennessee for the last 200 years.  Danny is a member of a rare endangered species called  “Mountain Men”.  He has an extensive understanding of the forest and its animals.   He is able to call to the owls and they fly down and perch in the trees next to him.  Most of his days include a very long walk into the Cherokee National Forest, across property that his Great Grandfather used to own.   He has been to remote areas so far up in the mountains that no civilized man has set foot there in a thousand years.  He says the forest is his paradise and he can talk to God when he is there.  Danny believes that the precious commodity of time is better spent in the forest, than in the pursuit of massing material wealth. 
Danny lives in a log cabin that was built by his ancestors over 100 years ago.  It has no air conditioning or heating, but it does have an inside bathroom and modest kitchen.  He, his father and most of his family were born in that cabin.  He is proud to tell stories about so many delightful memories his relatives have shared there.  He said that no matter how poor they were, his mother, Mildred, would always provide food for anyone who came to the house hungry.  She was famous for her homemade biscuits and handmade quilts. His father, Earl Haun Sr., worked for the United States Forestry Service as a Fire Lookout in the watchtowers over Erwin and the Cherokee National Forest. After WWII, Mr. Haun came home and logged his property on Rich Mountain using axes, cross-cut saws and horses. 
Danny says, “If you have time to breath, you have time for music.”  Danny first began to sing when he was about five years old.  He charged a nickel a song.  Over the course of his lifetime he has become an accomplished vocalist and musician.  He plays harmonica, flutes, sings and writes music.  He has performed on stage most of his life.  His latest band is called Loose Enz.  They have an excellent reputation in East TN.  The members of Loose Enz have donated their performance on many occasions to raise thousands of dollars to benefit breast cancer research and for local individuals who needed financial assistance due to catastrophic medical bills.   
When Danny was six years old, his father gave him his first shotgun and told him to be careful climbing over fences with it.  He made money by shooting rabbits and selling them to the local people for food.  He learned to hunt “Coons” on many a wild night, riding the narrow mountain roads with his older brothers:  Junior, Sam and Gary.   Danny’s job was to hold the hounds and keep the lantern lit.  It wasn’t unusual for them to lose a truck off the road right over the side of the mountain.  And Danny laughs about it when he points to the various places where they went over.  Danny’s father taught him to drive when he was about 10 years old.  At 16 years old, Danny left Erwin to work for the RH Bogle Railroad Company.  He rode the trains from  Tennessee down through southern Florida. In 1972, Danny was 18 years old and Vietnam war was winding down.  He did not join the military, but instead served his country by building huge aircraft carriers.  He worked as a welder on the USS Eisenhower and the USS Nimitz.  In the winter of ’75, he was 20 years old and went to work in the freezing cold West Virginia coal mines.  After getting his fill of coal dust, he went to school and learned to be an electrician.   At 28 years old, he was living in Glenrose, Texas and worked for the Halliburton Corporation as an electrician building the Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant.  He moved back to TN in 1986 and began to work as a self employed electrician. 
Danny Haun was a member of the Moose Lodge in Erwin for about 15 years.  He held many different executive posts, including the Trustee, Jr. Governor and Governor.  The Moose Lodge follows the pattern established by Masons.  They make community service a strong component of their activities.   The historical pledge for new member enrollment exemplifies the philosophy that Danny Haun has lived by his entire life… "He takes only what he needs, nothing more . . . yet for his great size and strength he lives in peace with other creatures. The moose uses his size and power not to dominate but to protect, not to spoil but to preserve. He is a fierce protector, a loyal companion, and a generous provider who brings comfort and security to those within his defending circle."  
 Danny has one lovely daughter, Kendra, two granddaughters  and one grandchild on the way. His favorite things are fishing, guns, homemade apple-shine, riding motorcycles with his wild and crazy friends, bicycling, fishing, fast cars and fine women. He remains a solitary man because his heart and soul belong only to the good earth of Tennessee. 
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