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The family and friends of Carrie are uniting to raise funds to help with medical costs as she battles with Ovarian and Renal Cancer.

My niece, Carrie is 31 years old and was diagnosed with Cervical cancer in 2010 and then with Ovarian cancer in October of 2011 and now more recently in July of 2012, Carrie received news that she has Renal cancer (cancer of the Kidneys.) She is a loving mother with two small children, Rylee (7) and Ryan (5). Her devoted fiancé, Steve, has been by her side throughout her chemo and radiation treatments and has helped significantly with the care of the children. Carrie says he’s been a true God send to her and without his help she doesn’t know what she would have done. Her ex-husband, Chris, stepped in and took over care of the kids during chemo treatments and has also stood by her and shielded the children from the reality of her condition.

Her ordeal has been long and arduous. It began when she was diagnosed with Cervical cancer back in 2010, but it was small and the doctor said they caught it early so they were able to cut it out and they thought that was the end of it. Then in October of 2011 she began having more female issues and went back to the doctor and found out there was another mass on her cervix and one on her ovaries. It was cancer again. During her scans the doctor also found a mass on her right kidney and she was advised to go to her Urologist. Her Urologist told her it was a cyst and to get through the cancer treatment before they tackled the kidney issue. So Carrie began oral chemotherapy and then had a full hysterectomy to remove the cancer, followed by another round of chemo. It was the worst time of her life. The hardest decision she ever had to make was handing over the care of her children to their father, Chris, since they were the only thing that could bring a smile to her face but she knew it was best for them.

After her surgery and chemo the doctors were sure they had gotten all the cancer. She felt life was getting better and even though she was in and out of the hospital with infections and other complications she thought she was out of the woods. But for anyone who has had ever had cancer or a loved one with cancer, the worry of it returning never goes away. Throughout Carrie’s ordeal she has remained positive and upbeat and very thankful to be here. She got her children back and Steve proposed to her and she felt so blessed. She could laugh again, even at her lack of hair, but she was feeling happy that it was growing back “albeit a little darker and a bit curly.” During all of her trials it has been difficult for her to do her job as a 911 Dispatcher. Before Carrie’s cancer she put herself through Firefighter/ Paramedic training and was unable to find employment in her profession, but was fortunate to land a job as a 911 Dispatcher. But even though her employer has been supportive, her personal time-off is used up and she’s been unable to work. Her medical bills are piling up and being unable to work is making it very difficult to live and support her children.

Lucky for her she has had the love and support of her family and her fiancé, (who she deems an angel sent from heaven), as well as, his family who have helped immensely with the children, but as the medical bills pile up, the two of them cannot handle the financial burden of astronomical medical expenses and as much as the family wants to help we can’t do it alone.

Carrie went back to her Urologist in April to take care of the cysts on her kidneys and found out it wasn’t just a cyst but a rare, genetic form of kidney disease called Polycystic Kidney Disease. She is praying it has not been passed down to her children. She’s been dealing with the symptoms from this disease which include high blood pressure, shortness of breath and even black outs. She is on medication for the blood pressure and diaretics, along with a strict diet. Her kidneys are only functioning at about 75 percent and the doctor says it is very likely she will end up on dialysis and will not be able to be a candidate for a kidney transplant because of her cancer history.

Now, just when we thought things couldn’t get worse for Carrie she was given the news in July of 2012 that the doctor found another mass on her kidney. which turns out, is Renal cancer. In August 2012 she got news that it is at Stage 4 and has spread to her liver and lymph nodes. She is devastated as is her family. We are trying to get her into the Mayo clinic for a second opinion and are hoping they can offer us something positive.

Carrie has a very difficult road ahead of her and this new diagnosis has really hit her hard and she is struggling to stay hopeful and positive. She is only 31 years old and often struggles with the “why me” thoughts, but then she says, “I am reminded that things can always be worse and I look on the bright side and try to be thankful for what I do have.” There are no words to express what a good woman Carrie Newman is. She is the kind of woman whose thoughts constantly turn to others, even as she battles this devastating disease. It is a testament to her character that we, her family and friends, have rallied around her in order to attempt to get as much support for her in what is the fight of her life.

So we are asking humbly for donations to aid Carrie in diverting the cost of her treatments and help with the support of her two children. Even the smallest amount will help. If you are more comfortable sending donations directly to Carrie please contact Amy Madden at for the address information.

Thank you so much for your support!
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