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Rebuilding Dil Sapkota's leveled Village as a way to give forward his hospitality bestowed upon us

Lauren, HallieLouLou, and Samed (THE PACK) met as airbnbers at Dil's Homestays in Kathmandu, Nepal. Dil and the Sapkota family provided the utmost hospitality and kept us out of harm’s way despite the 7.9 Earthquake which crumbled his home village of Jyamrunz, Nepal. We are extremely grateful for their hospitality, thus raising funds for his family to rebuild their village is our way of giving forward. In honor of knowing us and our Nepal Earthquake survivor stories, please help us help Dil's family!

Inspiration to give:

  • Remember the moment you found out that Samed, Lauren, and LouLou were in the earthquake? How grateful were you when you found out we were safe? We whole heartedly owe our safety to Dil. You can share your gratitude that your friends are returned safely home too by giving back to Dil's family!
  • What would 20% of your monthly paycheck provide for you?  The average Nepali makes around $120 - $150 US dollars A MONTH. So your $20 is about 17% of the total monthly income of a working and fortunate Nepali.  Your dollars are exponential and go a really long way in the village.
  • Dil's family is from Jyamarunz, near Gorkha, the epicenter of the earthquake. His childhood home, where his mother still lived, was destroyed by this natural disaster. What would it feel like to be homeless, when you’ve built your entire life around providing shelter and love for your 9 kids? Give, in honor of Dil’s mother, father, 9 brothers and sisters and over 50 grandchildren who will never be able to unite in that house ever again.

Trusted, Direct, Donation:

Our Pack is proud to share that givingforward makes it possible to raise money and transfer funds to Dil's account directly (in small amounts to avoid any Nepali government intervention aka taxing and bribing). This money will be used to buy clothing, food and supplies for the devastated families in Jyamarunz and the small villages near Gorkha. We hereby assure not a single dollar will go to any other cause, you can hold us fully accountable. We will be providing updates.

Please share our hope for resilient Nepal through our stories:

We understand each individual has their own compassionate causes, so if you cannot donate financially we invite you to experience share our personal, powerful earthquake stories with your networks.

The Pack’s 7.9 Reasons

Hallie LouLou Jaeger – A new sense of “grounded”

Lauren Tyner –  My Earthquake Story

Samed Yadegari – "If you're not moving, you're slowly dying."

Any help is tremendous! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for your efforts to help support Nepal together.

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