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I am starting this fundraiser to help Marni take better care of herself. As her health liaison, I give her a D- in the "self care" category!

Hi friends and family of Marni,

My name is Julie, and I am a liaison that works with terminally ill patients, acting as a patient advocate who tries hard to find the middle ground between the Dr's and Health Insurance Companies that is in the best interest of my patient. Over the last few months, as I've gotten to know Marni, I consider her a friend. A cheap friend! While not in dire straits financially, she doesn't waste an extra dime on things for herself, even if it is health related.

I am starting this fund to get Marni some household assistance, so that she stops trying to do it all herself! Until around springtime, her insurance covered home healthcare, which could be anything from an aide to help her around the house, make her healthy, light meals, remind her to take her meds....just a helping hand. She also had full RN coverage (with a copay) so she could get help with all of the above, plus IV chemo/fluids at home. Her new plan does not include those helpful little items. So, she does them all. Next time you see her, look at her hands, the peeling/discoloration is from household cleaners that to her sensitive system are harmful.

I am hoping to get a fund together to get an aide in a couple times a week to help her with things like that, as I know she does them all herself....including not eating well, skipping meds, and, worst of all, cleaning cat litter which is very dangerous to her health!

I'd also like to raise enough to send her and her significant other to a couples cancer wellness camp, that will help them learn some coping skills, healthy lifestyle tips, socialize with other couples that understand what they both go through as a patient and caregiver, and get away for a little while! The camps aren't all classes and workshops, they also offer shopping trips, exercise classes, and even spa services.

I put a figure of $5000 as I really don't have a finite figure of how much this would cost, so it is a guesstimate. I also assume either I, or maybe a close friend (contact me) who knows her schedule and/or how to force her to do things can help set up an aide schedule to match Marni's schedule and make her accept some help.

I know she doesn't know many people close by to her, but maybe those of you close by her can set up a helping circle of day one picks up some groceries, one day one does a load of laundry, etc.

Trying to find some ways to get her to slow down and take care of herself. And if that means accepting help.... then we may have to force it on her!

I only have a few of your email addresses, so please pass this on to others....via email, Facebook, snail mail....whatever.
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