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Oreo's foster parents are raising money to cover her medical expenses.

Oreo was born and raised in a puppy mill in Lancaster, PA. After nearly a decade of abuse and neglect, she was rescued by Heavenly Angels Animal Rescue, a shelter my husband and I volunteer at in New York City. She was catatonic at first and still lapses into that state often. Her claws were so curled and jagged that they nearly cut into her little pads. She also has a slight limp and one of her tiny legs has an uneven bump. We're pretty sure it was broken by her abusers and healed unevenly.

Since becoming our foster dog, we’ve been blessed to see what have likely been the first smiles and laughs in her entire life. Oreo’s gradually learning how to trust people and is a sweet little girl.

This past weekend we took Oreo to our local vet to get her teeth cleaned… paying out of pocket, because that was the only way it would have been accomplished. Several of the few teeth she has left are twisted and blackened. Sadly, the doctor could not do a cleaning. After seeing the heart-wrenching condition of her teeth, she kindly did a free examination and discovered that Oreo has a level-three heart murmur. On top of that, quite a few of her teeth need to be extracted. She needs to be put under to have this work done, but because of the heart murmur, the anesthetic could kill her. First she needs an echo-cardiogram that alone costs $400, followed by a pre-and post-procedure antibiotic regimen.

After coming home from the vet's office, I just held her and cried. Up until now, Oreo has only known fear and suffering. All that we want to do is alleviate her pain left from the puppy mill... so she can eat and drink without her teeth hurting so much. At this point, we feel like we're at a loss. The shelter could not do anything and, with an impending layoff, we're probably going to be a one-income household soon. There is no way that we can afford to pay for this procedure for our furry foster daughter. From start to finish it will cost $1,000.

Please help give this puppy mill dog a second lease on life. Any sort of assistance would be greatly appreciated. Before contributing, if need be we would be happy to provide the contact information of the veterinarian who made Oreo’s diagnosis.
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