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My sister, Veronica Chambers, known to some of her friends and family as Ronni, was diagnosed last month with Stage lll Cancer.

Ronni is still undergoing tests to confirm whether or not the Cancer may have spread. She is scheduled to start chemotherapy and radiation treatment in about 2 weeks. After her initial treatments have been completed, she will then be scheduled for surgery.

This entire event unfolded within the last few weeks and there was no time to prepare for the trying times that lie ahead. Although currently employed, she is already about to exhaust her paid time off from work. Going through the treatments and surgery process will be quite expensive, and her medical insurance will only cover a portion after her high deductible is satisfied, as well as never ending copays. For this reason, we are starting a Cancer Treatment Fundraising Account for Ronni. This fundraiser has been created to assist Ronni and her family with the financial difficulties that have only just begun.

Ronni, a single mother of two, lives on Long Island with her daughter Holly. Her oldest daughter Hilary lives in Pennsylvania with her two children. I have always admired my sister's strength and courage living in New York as a single mother and her unending desire to help others. Ronni is a caring person loved by all who know her. Needless to say, Ronni is overwhelmed with all that is going on yet she always maintains a bubbly personality and lives her life of a genuinely optimistic nature, always with a smile on her face. Let's help to keep that smile going!

If your heart moves you to make a donation, please do so by clicking the link on this page. Our goal is to raise $25,000 with the hope that this amount will be enough to make a huge difference in her health and her family's lives.

Any ongoing prayers, good wishes, thoughts and positive vibes are sincerely welcomed and are just as equally important as any monetary assistance.

My sisters and I and Ronni's 2 daughters greatly appreciate you joining us in Ronni's Fight Against Cancer and we thank you for helping to make such a difference in Ronni's life during this very difficult time.


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