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We all want to join Terry in his fight w/ ALS, and what better way than to help him enjoy everyday of life! Terry has expressed a need for a laptop so that he can better communicate with friends and family - holding it on a lapstand w/ large keyboard

We all want to join Terry in his fight with ALS, and what better way than to help him enjoy everyday of life! Medical expenses pile up, and even with insurance and VA, there is so much that will not be covered. Together we can pitch in to cover these extras so Terry can enjoy his family and friends.

We expect a series of fundraisers. We'll do this project based, so Terry and his family can determine how we can best help, and we know what's needed.

You can also contact/send funds to Jamey Maness, 1447 Armiger Lane Knoxville, TN 37932, , 865-567-5473. Or you can contact/send funds to Elly Marsh, 17919 Old Preston Ct, Dallas, TX 75252 .

Funds collected on-line will generate a check that will go directly to Terry from the GiveForward foundation when the goal is met, or the date reached. Any additional funds will continue to contribute to Team Terry and will be applied to the next fundraiser chosen by the family.

Our first fundraiser was a huge success with the pool lift! Terry is enjoying his pool and physical therapy in his pool (see Terry's note far bottom of this)

We asked the family what would help right now - what would Terry like to have that would make things easier and allow him to do more - something that insurance wouldn't cover, but that they would like to have. Terry really needs a new laptop so that he can better communicate with family and friends. This would eventually sit on a stand in front of him, and a large keyboard, special mouse, and other peripherals can be added. This will be a big help and a pleasure for Terry.

We're setting an Aug 15 deadline on this so he can get it ordered and set up soon.

Thank you for joining in!


From Terry after our Pool lift fundraiser:

I had a good workout today my pool. I put my head under the waterfalls and it was pure joy. without each one of you, today probably would not have happened. when each of you contributed and I saw the email, I was deeply touched and, yes , I cried on every one.

it took courage and sacrifice to do what you did. God will surely bless you for your kindness. I will tell him how special all of you are
when I see him.

I am feeling fine . I'm getting over the shock. I love calls and visits and texts and emails.

Thank you dear friends. don't put off trips. be good to yourself and your loved ones. tell them you love them every day. if someone is sick, call them. trust me , you are never bothering them.

finally, may you all drift off to sleep in your nineties in a rocking chair with a smile on your face and peace in your heart.................



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