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Kim Fleck's parents, family and friends are coming together to raise money to help her with medical and home expenses from Crohns/UC.

My name is Cynthia Fleck, and I would like to share with you some things about my amazing daughter, Kimberly who is in dire need of your kindness.
Kimberly grew up on Cape Cod and after graduation from college she taught in schools in Massachusetts and Rhode Island and worked in residential facilities and as a community support counselor in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. In 2006 she moved to Connecticut and
continued as a Special Education teacher specializing in at-risk youth, specifically students with emotional, behavioral, and learning needs.
Kimberly was diagnosed with Crohns/Ulcerative Colitis in 2007. Her symptoms quickly worsened and she was ultimately treated with various medications to no avail. Eventually Kimberly was given drug infusions which unfortunately resulted in brain lesions and a second auto-immune disease, Alopecia Universalis. As a result, she lost all of her hair with a prognosis that it would be a permanent loss. She underwent numerous surgeries during this period of time. Though both diseases together wreaked havoc on her life-physically, emotionally, spiritually, and professionally, Kimberly continued to teach, giving 110% to her students as she always had.
She developed allergies to her medications along with other complications and by July of 2011 was gravely ill. She was hospitalized once again in Connecticut but doctors were at a loss as to how best to treat her multiple symptoms, which worsened each day. Kimberly was transported by ambulance to Mass. General Hospital in Boston in August of 2011. Expert doctors, nurses and other medical personnel did what they could to treat her.
Having spent close to a month sleeping in Kimberly's hospital room trying to be supportive, I witnessed first hand the pain, uncertainty,and fear in her eyes. Finally, with her health deteriorating and facing death, Kimberly consented to undergo emergency surgery to remove her colon and she now has an ileostomy. She remained in the hospital until late September.
To make life even more stressful, after surviving the fight of her life and months of difficult therapy and recovery, Kimberly was in for another challenge. After fifteen years of teaching at-risk youth, she found herself suddenly unemployed and facing financial disaster. With the help of her loving partner, family and friends Kimberly has managed to stay afloat, but just barely. Though her resume is outstanding and she has been honored as an Outstanding Educator of 2008 by the Connecticut Association of Private Special Education Facilities (CAPSEF), plus other recognitions of her professionalism and remarkable results with students, she has been
unable to find a job.
Kimberly continues to struggle to pay medical bills, fees for alternative treatments not covered , mortgage payments, and the cost of supporting rescue animals, a cause to which she and her partner are deeply committed.
For months Kimberly has been paying her Cobra health benefits but they will end soon. Her unemployment benefits will also terminate shortly.
I feel tremendous gratitude that Kimberly's health has improved and that she is no longer in constant pain. She has spent her adult life trying to make a positive difference in the lives of others. She has given support and comfort to people, animals, and friends in need for many years now. I feel confident that there are numerous students who have benefited from her compassion, understanding, and guidance. Even with her own serious health challenges, she is always ready to lend her support to raise money for others facing difficult situations.
Kimberly is one of the most compassionate and positive people I know and she has an attitude of gratitude that is infectious, as many of her friends can attest to. A great many people have told me they wish to help Kimberly in some way. As her mother, I humbly ask that you take this opportunity to post messages of encouragement, prayers for continued improvement of her health, and if possible to make a donation to help her meet her many expenses. The money raised would make it possible for her to continue her recovery and in time to be able to move back to Massachusetts so as to be closer to her loving family, friends, and most importantly closer to her medical professionals at Mass. General Hospital in Boston. Thank you for allowing me to share these thoughts with you and for your generosity and most importantly for your prayers on Kimberly's behalf.

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