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Posted by Cindy Lott on January 29th, 2016

Family and friends, I know it's been awhile since I posted an update but there's been so much going on and several docs involved, thus Ive been in limbo. As of today, after meeting with docs a plan is in the works. First, insurance has approved my "miracle chemo" and are going to pay 60% leaving my co-pay at $2830.00 per month. My initial deductible and co-pay has been taken care of for the first 30 days of treatment and is currently on hold til I'm ready to start. Initially the start date was the first week of January, that was until several issues arose. Since the oncologist decided to start me on chemo several additional lesions have been confirmed. As of today I have 10 more lesions, some of which are dangerously deep and growing at a rapid rate leaving no other option but the OR. God willing, the surgeon is able to excise the lesions and healing has begun I will began the chemo. As with all chemo, and this is no exception, healing can be compromised thus their wanting to wait. The goal is to excise as many of the lesions as possible that pose the most threat. The second part of the equation is I continue to lose weight because of my lower jaw and difficulties eating, so the oral surgeon will be placing embutments in my mandible to secure and provide stability for my lower dentures. It's all so overwhelming, but I will continue this journey. Surgery is scheduled for Febuary 15 and will last between 5-6 hours. I will surely need all yours prayers for that is a long surgery with unknown outcomes. The other prayer request is related to finances. The beginning of the new year means new deductibles and additional co-pays and if any of you are familiar with Medicare they don't pay squat! So please keep this in mind as you pray. Right now, this very minute I must find a way to pay $12,000 in deductibles in the next two weeks. Stress isn't even an appropriate term it's more like panic. I pray to God none of you have to endure anything such as this for it does become almost unbearable, even with a fighting attitude. Some days I just want to fall to the ground and yell I quit! And with all I received today that's where I am. I sincerely appreciate your love and support and rely on it more than you will ever know. Much love and many blessing. My children will keep you updated. ❤️🙏🏻 Cindy
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