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2/25/2015 Cancer is a terrible disease and no family ever wants to succumb to it.

The Lott family needs our help and although prayers, love and support have done wonders, the burden of this disease continues to manifest for the Lott family.

Cindy Lott has been fighting a rare form of cancer (Adenoid Cystic) for the past 2 years. Through the loss of her eye, multiple treatments and as many as 25 surgeries, the Lotts cling to the hope that by the grace of God and the doctors diligent efforts the cancer will remain at bay.
Though everyone remains optimistic, Doctor visits and various test must continue to be performed routinely to stay on top of this deadly disease, which adds insurmountable debt which the Lotts must deal with on a daily basis not to mention unbearable stress to an already stressful situation.

In an effort to help Cindy keep fighting her battle against cancer your help is essential. Her family and friends have fought by her side through everything the past two years and nobody plans to give up!
If you could find it in your heart to donate or host fundraisers to aid in financial relief for the Lotts so all energy can be applied to the real battle, they would be eternally grateful. Many are available to assist you in fundraising opportunities. No amount of time or money will go unnoticed no matter how small or great.
Humbly speaking the Lotts will be forever appreciative for your efforts. As one of the Lott children said with tearful eyes "I need my mom and can't imagine life without her". For the sake of Cindy's children, please commit to do all you can do.

Say an extra prayer each night for the Lott family and keep standing by Cindy in her fight!

Cindy's Motto:
"If you are doing the best you can under your current circumstances... then kick up your heels and DANCE!"
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