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Beloved labrador, Roxy, is near death after being bitten by a rattle snake. Her family is pleading for help to bring her home!

This is a plea to anyone reading for help saving a loving member of our family, our 6 year old chocolate Lab Roxy. Roxy got out of our backyard on Sunday and did a little exploring, as happens every once in a while. When she came back, she was swelling, drooling heavily and bleeding from the front of her muzzle. Unfortunately, we didn't realize what happened and thought it was a bee sting. She was lethargic all night and the bleeding seemed to stay fresh, not clotting like normal. IF YOU SEE THESE SYMPTOMS IN YOUR DOG, GO TO A VET IMMEDIATELY! The next morning we realized this was more than a bee sting, as the bleeding still hadn't stopped and the swelling was getting worse. A trip to our vet revealed our worst fears- our loveable lab had been bitten by a rattlesnake and was now dying. We began the IV fluids, medicine, etc needed to save her life. Her face has continued to swell, and she is unable to eat or drink anything as her mouth is swollen shut, both eyes are swollen shut and she has trouble breathing when doing anything more active than lying down. There is blood in her urine and she has trouble lifting her head up. Her face is more than 2 times it's normal size and without constant medical care, she would have less than a 10% chance of survival. She has had constant medical care since Monday and will likely be there through the week. The good news is the vet believes Roxy has turned a corner and will slowly begin to improve but will take more time.

The bad news- overnight stays at the vet with constant meds, fluids, etc. adds up VERY FAST! We are being told our total for Roxy's treatment will be around $3,500-4,000 (up from the about $2,000 estimate orginially given to us). A daunting amount, for sure! But when it's a loved member of your family, how can you say no to saving her life! We've had her for 6 years, since just after we got married. She's been with us through 5 moves and having a baby and we cannot imagine our life without her. Our 3-year-old keeps telling us, "I want Roxy to come home." If there is one thing that is true, it is that Austin is a pet friendly city! We're begging anyone out there who can spare a couple of dollars, and believe me, we know money is tight, to help support Roxy's recovery. I work in public safety and my wife stays at home with our daughter (although she will be getting a part time job to help pay back these bills.)

We are applying for all the grants, aid, etc we can find however we still need a lot of help as most grants available are minimal (no more than $500) and sought after by hundreds of people. If you can please, please give anything to help our wonderful dog, we would be so, so grateful!!!

If you contact our vet,

you can make donations directly to the practice. Just tell them it is for Roxy, the rattlesnake-bite victim. I cannot say thank you enough for your help. Pets are such an integral part of our families and lives, in fact we sometimes forget how integral until something like this happens. Thank you, and God bless!
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