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The family & friends of Asenath are uniting to raise money to help her over come Hemiplegic Migraines.

We want to tell you about a 16 year old girl, Asenath. She is a daughter, sister, aunt and friend to many. She is a very high spirited young lady. She amazes me everyday how she gets up with a smile on her face and a joke just to help ease the mood for all of us. The past year has been very emotional and physically trying for her. It has also been hard on those of us who love her to see her suffer everyday and not be able to help. We fear that it will never end for her, or even worse it will destroy her desire to live life so much so that she considers taking her own life. Since February 2012, she has constant headaches, 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. This is her life; there is no break from pain. Just more pain the pain she has has moved through her body now her knees and shoulders. The past year has brought many of Doctors, Specialists, Emergency room visits and Hospital stays. Nothing has worked. Just recently Asenath's Neurologist told us we should go to Chicago IL, to seek further help from another Nuerological clinic. Life as Asenath knows it changes more and more every day. She use to be actively pursueing dreams now she just prays for the pain to stop. Asenath used to go to public school was a straight A student and now she is homeschooled due to all the pain and side effects of many medications she has tried and is currently on. She loved to play the guitar and was a member of a young band now she feels like a failure because she has gave up her guitar due to pain. She also enjoyed going for walks, hikes, hanging out with friends, after school activities and just an all around easy going fun young lady. She dreams of getting into a school where she can study to become a Musical Therapist but at this point in time she feels as though her life is coming to an end. She has become very depressed over the pain. She wouldn't want the everyday person to see her fear, depression, anxiety, or hopelessness she feels. So we watch our daughter put a smile on her face everyday for everyone else to feel more comfortable. Yet as her mother I see all those negative things behind closed doors i see the frustration,, sadness, and tears. I see the broken down person she is underneath all that high spirit she puts out for others to see. Asenath is the type of person to give to all she can to others and expect nothing in return.


I fear that it will never end for her. Or even worse, breaking her desire to enjoy life. So much that once again she considers taking her own life. Hi I'm Rick, Asenath's father. My daughter lives with daily headache pain. Meeting her for the first time may give you the impression she's a pretty normal 16 year old. Her life is anything but normal. Day after day, week after week, month after month it goes on and on eating away her smiles and teenage experiences. Her headaches are so dehabilitating that public school isn't an option anymore. Unable to focus and absenteism so bad that falling behind was the norm. Some medications were even frowned upon by the school because of the strength of them. Something as simple as class field trips were a struggle that ended in frustration and isolation from friends. Asenath loves playing guitar and taking music lessons. She even joined an all girls band. Her guitar has taken a backseat and now sits collecting dust. After countless Emergency Room visits, Doctors, Specialist, Hospital stays and even admission to a Mental Health Facility. We still have no answers. We just keep getting passed on to other facilities. It has drained us emotionally and financially. Now that we are being sent out of state our insurance will pay little to nothing. We are not looking for hand outs we just want our daughter to get her life back and unfortunately that takes lots of money especially since we are now being sent to neurosurgeons out of state.

Updates as we go through this long process.

We found a doctor in Kansas. Hopefully he will help more than the last doctor but we r still running this fundraser cause our insurance won't cover the expense.  If this doctor ends up referring us on I will have to go to Chicago or the Mayo Clinic in Arizona.

Asenath's doctor visit on 10-26-12 gave us a name for Asenath's headaches Hemiplegic Migranes with nerve damage on the left side of the body. We have to go back the week of November 6th for several MRI's, MRA, nerve testing and sleep study we will be there for a few days. We will not get any of the results back until November 20th.

These Hemiplegic Migrane headaches are rare and give you symptoms of a stroke which is exactly what my daughter has been experiencing time and time again. This type of migraine is a gene mutation in chromosones 1 and 19. As these headaches get worse they lead to paralyzis. There is no cure. This is considered a disease. Asenath has been through tons of medications and they have not helped. So we are left with many trips to the emergency room which only eases the pain for a few hours.

 We have figured out how much her medical expenses will be for next year if the current medication and botox treatments work so we have changed our goal and extended our fund raiser. I know times are hard every where in todays world but when we all open our hearts to those in need we can have a sense of peace that only comes from God. Thanks to all those who have helped so far. We have had many surprising miracles these last few months. I hope this fund raiser turns into one too. Please if you read this pass it on to everyone you know. Even if donating a couple dollars is to much telling your friends and churches would be just as helpful. Everyone who sees this please say a prayer for Asenath too.


Thanks and Please read the update section.


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