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family and friend are uniting to raise money to help him with medical expenses

it all started in September of 2010 I had no clue what was happening all i knew was something was not right .I had gotten a really bad headache at work around lunchtime and just thought it was one of those because i have not eaten anything all day headaches ,well that was friday afternoon and then saturday came and i was off work and just trying to catch up on things around the house and again sometime around noon i started feeling very sick ,headache came back started getting dizzy and throwing up .so i am now thinking i have something like the summertime flu .well beings i had no insurance from work and was completely uninsured i figured i would just do the drugstore over the counter thing and try to over come whatever was making me feel like this,so i did .got some pepto and some nausea pills along with some Tylenol .took a hot shower and decided to watch a little tv .as i was setting watching tv i got sick again even after taking the pepto and Tylenol well i decided i would go on and go to bed and maybe the morning i would feel better .well i woke up Sunday morning and with surprise there was something defiantly wrong ,the side of my face was numb i couldn't hardly even say a word my right eye i couldn't blink or close i felt extremely scared at first because i had no idea what was happening to me ,so i decided at that point i need to go to the hospital,and of course being sunday and the emergency room was full setting and waiting to find out what was going on .everyone there thought i may of had a stroke or something .anyways .i was at the hospital for around 7 hours on sunday .blood tests ekg and on and on .so at this point no one really knows whats going on or whats wrong with me other than my face is numb and my eye ..along with being dizzy and somewhat not being able to walk a straight line .well they came in and told me i need to do a follow up with my doctor in the morning and go through more testing and what not but from this point he was"guessing" it was bells palsy but needed more done to be sure ,gave me a prescription and sent me on my way .so im at home had to call in to work and let them know i was not going to be in in the morning ,setting there felling basically lost in thought of how am i going to handle all this if i cant work ,no insurance .... well i went to the doctor Monday morning ,dizziness was 10 times worse now ,and like i said i just had a lost feeling ,almost as if i was drunk and had nothing to drink .so they done tests and said that's what it was is bells palsy .gave me meds and an eye patch because at that time i couldn't even close my right eye and sent me on my way. so as the week went on i started feeling worse couldn't keep anything down i tried to eat it was just crazy .so i called the doctors office they gave me another appointment then they came back in telling me it was totally something else so now with alll the testing and blood work and back and forth visits to the doctor they decide i need to go see a ears nose and throat doctor .so i did,,nothing there either other than they said i needed therapy do to an inner ear something and it would help over come the being off balance ,,??? i have no idea but then they send me for 2 MRI'S and the first didnt show anything .so back for #2 and they ran that dye .so after this they decide i need to go see a neurologist .mind you i have no insurance at this time and bills are stacking .i tried to talk to admin about help and they just pushed me away .tried state aid and was turned down there as well because i "had" a job .well at this point there was no one to help ,and i have been off work Doctors orders going on 5 weeks now .no income whatsoever .so i tried to claim unemployment ...that was a joke in itself .beings i was off work by a doctor and was unable to work i could not draw that either you have to be able to look for a job and be able to work...i had a job but was unable to work at this point .so now with everyday bills and doctor bills building up i didnt know what i was going to do .so i had to cancel my appointment with the neurologist at this time because of the cost .this has been going on since september of 2010 ,i have tried SSI and was denied .denied state help and well i have finally got so far behind on everything i lost my house had to sell what i had to make a move back to my parents home in michigan from nebraska ,and now at this point i am still having sever headaches and dizziness and my face and eye both still have numbness everyday and still have no clue whats going on .so at this point i am staying in a room in the garage of my parents house have lost everything i had and have to depend on them for help and they cant do much but keep me fed and a roof .so i am asking for any help i can get beings the state has turned me down and the federal government has denied me even after i have work my whole life and have paid in boco dollars to them over the past 30 years so i seen this sight and i guess really it being my last hope and knowing there are still good people out here willing to help out when someone is in need .i pray i can find some help here .i have no clue what else to do .
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