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Let's beat leukemia once & for all! Join us to help pay for his bone marrow transplant, and give Dad his best shot at new life, cancer-free!

In June of 2013, our dad, Dave Sanges, began a new chapter of life, one that we're still in today. Like any good story, it has its highs and lows, joys and sorrows, pinnacles and valleys. It has a multitude of characters, each being developed along the way. And we're all still growing, pressing on, looking forward to whatever lies in store on the pages to come where we are sure to be introduced to new adventures, trials, joys and most importantly, new people that will guide us through this long and tedious chapter and into the next. We hope that you'll be one of them.

A year and a half ago, Dad was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). He went in for his annual physical (like all good dads should do), and he mentioned to his doctor that he had been feeling more tired and fatigued recently. They did a few additional blood tests, and his doctor noticed some places that seemed a bit suspect. He ultimately suggested that Dad have a bone-marrow biopsy to confirm what he thought might be signs of cancerous blasts in his blood cells. After the biopsy, it was confirmed that Dad had leukemia, and within days, he was admitted to the Levine Cancer Institute to begin an aggressive chemotherapy treatment called Induction. He was in the hospital for thirty days and then, after reaching a clinical remission, he was sent home to recover. We were so grateful when he was able to go home! He wasn't finished yet, but he was over a big hump.

After two rounds of additional post-remission therapy (the last being in December of 2013), it was confirmed that Dad had reached a complete remission and would not have to have anymore chemo! He began his new life back at home, trying to get back into routines and some form or normalcy after the crazy year he had had.

Unfortunately, when it came time the following December for his 1-year check up, the results weren't ideal. His cancer had relapsed, and there were new cancer cells forming in his bone marrow. After a lot of praying, talking, question-asking, doctor-meeting, consulting and researching and the like, our family concurred with the recommendation of Dad's oncologist, that his best shot for treatment (and really the only medical option) would be to have a bone marrow transplant.

Things felt bleak for Dad and for the rest of us as we came to terms with going this route, as we had been prepped earlier in his journey that it wouldn't be a walk in the park if he had to have one. But as the Lord often does, He began to align all of the moving parts in such a way that over the next couple of weeks, we became confident in this option and He grew in us the determination that we would surely need over the next several months in order to beat this thing.

There is a lot that goes into preparation for a bone-marrow transplant. Dad will first have to undergo a regimen of chemotherapy to reduce the cancerous cells in his blood down to a level that will make him eligible for the transplant. He will begin this four-month regimen on Monday, March 2. He will be able to stay in Albemarle during this part and receive the treatment on an outpatient basis. At the end of the four months, we will find out if the blasts have reduced enough for the transplant. Please pray that he will reach this next step following this first cycle so that we can get him into the transplant!

Ultimately, when his body is ready, Dad will be at the Levine Transplant Unit here in Charlotte, which was just launched in January of last year. We are so grateful for this, as we will have Dad close to home, and he’ll be able to see some of the same doctors from his previous treatments. Dad's sister Beverly was a 100% match, and has graciously offered to be his donor for this process, literally giving life to our Dad. Another blessing!

As you may know, Dad was laid off in the 2009 recession when the company he had been with for nine years had to shut down. He has since been unable to find work, but has managed to stay afloat for the last six years. Unfortunately, cancer wasn't in the budget. Neither was a bone marrow transplant. When we were considering his options for treatment, we had no choice but to evaluate the financial side of things. When we heard the figures, it just amazed us that anyone has actually ever had one of these things. We couldn’t fathom how anyone could actually pay for something like this. Like who can actually pay for something like this? And maybe the answer is that no one person can. But maybe a lot of people, joining together, all after one goal of getting our dad over the hump of this disease, can come up with enough to make it possible. Maybe you could help to turn the pages on this chapter so that Dad can begin a new one, cancer-free, ready and willing to take this hardship and transform it into a means of reaching out and helping someone else, someone who might be entering into the same chapter we are coming out of.

Thank you for your friendship. For your partnership. For carrying us through so many seasons. Dad heard a quote from the late Stuart Scott, ESPN broadcaster who died of cancer and he thought it was also appropriate for this next phase of our journey:

"FIGHT LIKE HELL... and when you're too tired to fight, lay down and rest and let someone else fight for you." Will you prayerfully consider making one of the following donations? God willing, with you in our army, we can win this fight!

$20 - Home-front supporter

$50 -  Private

$100 - Sergeant

$250 - Lieutenant

$500 - Captain

$1000 - Colonel

$1500 - General

Our dad will have a salute ready for each of you when he's out. :)

ALSO: If you wish to make a tax-deductible donation (which was coordinated by Dad's awesome "Knucklehead" community), checks can be made payable to:

Providence Baptist Church (Memo: Sanges Benevolence Fund)
And mail to: Providence Baptist Church, 4921 Randolph Rd., Charlotte, NC  28211, Attn: Richard Landers

Money from this fund will go directly to Dad's insurance company to pay his deductible. If you have any questions, you may contact the host church at 704-366-4030. Thank you for joining our army! Every donor of at least $20 will get a handmade survival paracord bracelet made custom by Chris Bellamy! Thanks, Chris!

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