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This is the Nolan Sanders Fund. The funds will be used for his ongoing medical costs and related expenses not covered by insurance.

Please help us support little Nolan in yet another fight for his life. He is a precious 8 year old boy, full of life, love and laughter. It is God that brought him to us, and keeps him with us; it is friends and loved ones that help the family in times of need.

Nolan has been through so much in his short life, and there are ongoing medical bills that most of us can not ever imagine having to deal with in our lifetime. It is with this in mind, that I hope you will consider a monetary donation to help Peri and Nolan with their medical expenses - not only for Nolan's latest medical bills, but for medical treatments/surgeries Nolan will have the rest of his life.

Thank you for your consideration!

Background Story of Nolan Sanders:
Here is little bit of background on Nolan (aka Mighty) and how we have come to where we are now.

At 5 weeks of age Nolan contracted Bacterial Meningitis/Sepsis. After several weeks in the hospital he came home a happy healthy boy. At the age of 4 we were noticing his gait was not the way it should be and had a neurologist/orthopedic examine him. It was at that time that they rushed him into surgery to place a VP shunt in his brain in order to drain the excess fluid. (He has Hydrocephalus) In addition, they did an MRI that showed he also had Syringomyelia (which is also called a Syrinx and is basically a fluid filled cyst inside his spinal cord). The Dr's were hopeful that the VP shunt placed for the Hydrocephalus would also take care of they Syrinx. Thankfully it did for the past 4 years.

Recently, during a scheduled MRI to check Nolan's spine, we found that unfortunately the Syrinx is not only back, but has increased in size significantly. The neurosurgeon was quite disturbed to see this and quickly got Nolan in to have a CT scan to check for any shunt malfunctions that might be the cause. Sadly, he had to report that the shunt looked fine, draining properly etc. Which meant there was no quick fix~to go in and clear any blockages.

The neurosurgeon asked for a few days to research and collaborate w/ the many other doctors Nolan works with throughout the year~in order to come up with the best plan of action for him at this time.

He made it clear that this is not a 'watch and wait' situation~something needs to be done sooner than later, but obviously we don't want to put Nolan through unnecessary surgeries or pain.

Nolan will now be going under another surgery, this time to the spine - in the neck, near the skull.

On a fun note: Nolan is feeling good~is growing his hair long and learned the 'Bieber flip" (which he's extremely proud of) He's had very little restrictions over the past few years so he's enjoyed swimming, basketball, flag football and of course Star Wars Lego Wii. He's been quite the trooper during the many tests and appointments we've been too. Recently did his MRI w/ no sedation :-) He was determined not to have an IV and he did it! Go MIGHTY!!!
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