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Judah is a 7 year burn victim. The funds raised here will go directly to Judah and his family so he can have corrective surgery in the US.

Hello everyone-

Judah Lovell is a 7 year old boy living in Trinidad . I recently became aware of his desperate need for help.

Last year he was a victim of fireworks gone wrong and severely burnt his body. He received a skin graft from the hospital however it was botched. Due to lack of medical training and post surgical care, Judah developed severe infections from his skin graft gone wrong and has been suffering since. His family has endured significant financial and emotional stress due to his health conditions and is desperate for help.

On top of all of this his father, Michael had stroke this past year and as a result lost his job and the family car. Judah is only one of four children in the Lovell family and his family has solely been relying on the support of others during this time as Michael has been dedicated to getting help for his son and has been dealing with his own personal medical issues. His mother has been caring for his three other siblings during this time.

There is light at the end of the tunnel however, Jackson Memorial Hospital has offered him a reduction on health care for corrective surgery. Judah and his father are awaiting clearance from the US Embassy in Trinidad for a medical visa in order for him to receive the medical care at Jackson Memorial Hospital in North Miami. While in the US Judah and his father are in desperate need of monetary support for food/clothing/etc. In order to obtain a medical visa, they need to prove they have financial support here to sustain them during their stay here in the US. Aside from financial support for their stay here in the US they also need assistance paying for the remainder of the cost of his corrective surgery. What ever money goes un-used here in the US will go directly back to his family in Trinidad. Despite the significant financial and emotional burdens the Lovell family has encountered over the past year, they remain positive and devoted to doing everything in their power to get the medical help their son needs.

In this time of Thanksgiving we have a lot to be thankful for, Lets rally together to support this family in their time of need. Any amount of donation is greatly appreciated and will not go un-noticed, if you can't donate please share his story and the link to this fundraising site. The more we get this link around, the more support we can gather for the Lovell family.

I originally posted a goal of $1,000 but since have changed it to $5,000 since the outpouring of support continues to amaze me. I challenge everyone to help us break our financial goals for this family. Show them a GLOBAL outpouring of love and support.

I will continue to post updates on his status as his this long a difficult journey continues for his family.


"Whoever embraces one of these children as I do embraces me, and far more than me- the God who sent me."
Mark 9:36-37

Please share this with everyone!

Thank you,

Erin Joyce and Team Judah :)

For donations in the US that want to be sent by check you can make them out to:

The Judah Lovell Fund
C/O Postal Credit Union
1725 S. Robert Street
West St. Paul, MN, 55118-3934

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In regards to the photographs:

The wounds on Judahs legs are not from burns, they are a result in a botched skin graft done in at the Hospital in Trinidad.
The photo with the gaping wound is the most recent picture of our little Judah.

Now more than ever he needs your support!

Judah's Story (condensed version)
(This is from Phillip Alexander who sat down with Judah's father Michael and was told the Judah's story in detail, Please take a moment to read this little boys plight)

On October 4th 2009, Judah Lovell, a boy much like any other six year old boy was visiting his maternal grandmother for her birthday and was having a time of it.

He followed his cousins outside to watch them 'buss' bamboo, not knowing or caring for dangers, which six year old boy ever does.

In an instant fun times gave way to tragedy as the bamboo split, spraying fire and engulfing young Judah in flames. The call for help reaches his father Michael who dispatches to take the boy for help, a journey that would last three hundred and sixty days and counting, a journey that would lead to much pain and anguish for the boy, and so much more pain and anguish for his parents.

* Emergency to Mount Hope Hospital
* Admitting Doctors (no names, just faces) applies Flamazine cream (which belongs to the class of medications called topical antibiotics. It is used to treat and prevent infection of skin wounds, especially in victims of serious burns)
* Cannot remove skin due to condition, child is bandaged
* Child admitted to High Dependency Unit for monitoring and life support
* 17th October 2009 - transferred to Pediatric Surgical Ward (where he lives today)
* Doctor Roopnarine Lalla informs parents of his intention to do a skin graft
* Parents complain of lack of information to make decision and feel that they are ignored
* 6th November 2009 - Judah receives his first skin graft with skin removed from his right leg
* After-operation care few and far between
* Anxious parents watch first dressing change since surgery seven days later on the 13th (despite being scheduled for the 10th) by Dr. Ramesh (no last name provided)
* 17th November 2009 - second dressing change, child is found to be infected, grafted skin comes away with bandages - Dr. Vinny re-bandages child
* 23rd November 2009 Child's torso now fully swollen and inflamed is oozing and smelling 'rotten'. Debridement performed (the medical removal of a patient's dead, damaged, or infected tissue to improve the healing potential of the remaining healthy tissue)
* 26th November 2009 infection worsens, child in real danger
* 30th November 2009 smell is now unbearable
* 1st December 2009 Dr. Vinny suggests to parents that she suspects the administered drugs were wrong type for condition
* 2nd December Dr. Lalla informs parents better care costs money that they did not have
* 4th December 2009 second skin graft with skin from left leg
* 7th December 2009 dressings checked
* 9th December 2009 Judah is discharged.

Had the surgeries and after surgery care been up to standard this is where the story would end, happily ever after.

* 21st December returned to ward for review.
* 30th December 2009 begins 'Clinic' (physiotherapy) twice monthly until June 2010
* 8th August 2010 Judah returns to hospital with high fever and two developing holes in his neck due to infection
* Doctor suggests 'patching' holes
* Judah's parents unsure if to continue with current institution and doctors, decide to seek alternative care for their child
* Dr. Lalla suggests third skin graft, parents decline offer
* Parents contact Fuad khan who puts them in touch with Ian Kalloo who gets them in touch with Jackson International in Florida and negotiates significant discount for proceedure
* Verna St. Rose Greaves intervenes and sends Judah's file to Ministry of Health for financial assistance for overseas proceedure
* Family is interviewed by Ian Alleyne of Crime Watch who offers to pay for airfare and accomodation
* Rihanna Singh of Ministry of Health contacts Michael Lovell for meeting based on Verna's intervention
* 10th August 2010 Michael meets Rihanna who informs him that she would be forwarding the matter directly to Chief Medical Officer Dr. Anton Cummberbatch.

Had the Ministry of Health and the Chief Medical Officer followed through on their responsibilities, this is where the story would end, happily ever after.

* Follow up meeting at MOH (Ministry of Health) informed by Loretta George that the matter was being 'handled'
* September 2010 Friend of a relative (Miss Gurly) recommends that Michael contact Katherine Stollmeyer Wight for assistance with the matter
* Michael contacted KSW who took over the matter and pushed it through the system
* After significant failures in the MOH, KSW approached the Prime Minister's Office for help
* MOH contacts Michael to say his 'check' is being prepared
* KSW and Michael take Judah to US Embassy for visa to travel
* Visa request denied - need proof of funds and Government issued 'letter of comfort' which CMO refuses to provide
* Outraged public inundates MOH, CMO and Minister over Judah's case
* MOH calls Michael in for check to cover part expense of procedure
* Michael receives check

As of this writing, Michael has deposited the check so that it can clear (bank says there is a four day hold on Government checks) so that he can provide the money to be wired to Jackson International Hospital who agreed to send their version of a 'letter of comfort' to assist with the granting of the visa.

When they have this document in hand, Michael and KSW will be revisiting the US Embassy again, hopefully soon.

Judah is still in Mount Hope, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel now.


Judah is a happy little seven year old boy who has been struggling with a hard dealt hand many an adult would find unbearable.

All things considered, he is still hopeful and happy for the day he can join the Coast Guard as he no longer wants to be Spider Man when he grows up.

Michael, himself having suffered a stroke due to the stresses of this ordeal, is unbelievably still a calm voice of reason and is once again optimistic since he found people to champion his son's cause. He has a focused, tunnel-vision hope for the well being of his son and is fixated on getting him better.

Listening to him tell me the 'condensed' version of his story over multiple cups of coffee, I am challenged to create a fictional version in my head, so unbelievable the obstacles and hurdles that this family has faced. I jokingly told him when he gets back we need to write a book and Michael just smiled that resigned smile of his you quickly get accustomed to.

Judah's brothers and sisters are waiting for him to come home.

Hopefully Michael and Katherine will get the visa this time around, Jackson International is positive that once they get to Florida, they will do their part to give this little boy his over due happily ever after.
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