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All money raised will go towards Jennifer's down payment with Dr.Free at GA ENT.

On March 9th 2012, Jennifer agreed to go to dinner with her ex husband Jonathan. After dinner, they went to a local establishment where they socialized and danced. They left approximately around midnight, Jennifer fell asleep in his truck on the way to her house, where he was supposed to drop her off. Instead of going to her home, he drove to a bad area of town parked the truck and left her inside sleeping. When she woke up he was not in the vehicle, he had gone into the home. When he returned to the truck Jennifer confronted him, asking why he would be in that home known to have had drugs and "not so nice individuals". He then started yelling and hitting her while driving recklessly to her house. When they pulled down the drive she jumped out of the vehicle and he followed, pushing the small framed 5'2 girl down to the concrete fracturing her elbow and wrist. She got up went into her home, where he followed. He got physical with her in the master bedroom, choking her, slapping and punching her. Apparently that was not enough to gratify the enraged 6 foot 180lb devil. As he had his hands tightly around her throat he head butted her in the face, shattering her nose.While Jennifer was gasping for air, and bleeding profusely, Jonathan then stepped on her chest. Jennifer's recollection beyond this point is blurry as she was in and out of consciousness. Jonathan, realized how badly she was bleeding, and her breaths were shallow, so he loaded her up in his truck (she layed crumpled in the front passenger floorboard) while he drove around, and around, and around never once stopping to get her the medical attention she desperately needed. She came to momentarily, while in the driveway of one of his close family members home a county away, that family member knew why he was there, and that Jennifer was in medical trouble and never once did she even come to check on her condition. Jonathan then proceeded to take Jennifer to his apartment, while she remained unconscious. Thankfully, Jennifer's room mate came home to see the following.... Front door wide open, Jennifer's beloved Pomeranian missing, blood scattered all over the master bedroom, bloody towels and clothing and also a weapon on her bed. Blood was then tracked on the side walk to where he had parked, where several bullet casings were found along with approx 15 un-used bullets. Her shoes were also located in the driveway... Her room-mate feared she was dead, she panicked and called one of Jennifer's family members with the news. The hunt was then on, Jennifer was found March 10th at 9:30am in Jonathan's apartment in shock, bloody with her face grossly disfigured. She was then take to the ER, where CT's and xrays determined that she had major facial trauma, many bruises. More test are in her near future for other un-confirmed injuries. Jonathan, was charged with 3 felony counts, aggravated battery, kidnapping and false imprisonment

She is currently seeking help from GA Crime Victims Comp Program however, she has a necessary surgery scheduled for March 28th, we are hoping to help her raise the money needed for her down payment so she can have this done.

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