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Team Elwood

To all I love, care, and appreciate.

Most of life right now is stressfu, miserable and I am struggling, with finances, balancing all the symptoms I am having and just this whole nightmare I (and those I have who know me) have lived through these past 3 years (since I was first diagnosed in 2009). Financially, I realized a couple days ago most of what my Oncologist and Radiologist are recommending is available online on amazon for very cheap (crazy, I know). For instance, under "Grocery, Health, or Beauty" for like sunscreens (for my extreme photo sensitivity), vitamins/supplements and foods (since a lot of symptoms restrict my eating), and the other random things that come up suddenly with this drug. It really is unpredictable what I will need when. I can't eat with this throat yeast infection and severe constant cold sore like allergic reactions so what I can eat constantly changes along with how chemo affects my appetite. I also have to take into account the foods I should be eating that are healthy and cancer fighting and supplements/vitamins like what my naturopath advises to help boost my body. Things like the SPF clothing I am recommended above all to wear in sunlight due to the EXTREME photo-sensitivity (2nd degree burns for minute contact) I have seen available in the cloth sections online on like amazon for cheaper than anywhere else. We need things like walkie-talkies for constant communication througout the house and if my uncle steps out to the shop momentarily due to my random falls and if I need Scott's assistance or immediate attention. So you see, I know it sounds rather needy but if you could talk around the family and friends and muster even the smallest donations in any form of anything really it would better allow me to fight through this struggle and be prepared for what ever intermittent random misery decides to come up. This first week has been a lesson in how unforgiving life can be, especially when enduring something like this drug I'm on. It is a struggle for me in many ways and everyone who knows me, on some many levels. I am truly sorry for that. It would really help tremendously to get some small help here and there whether it be specific item, organic produce, things you don't use, gift cards, ANYTHING it would all add up and allow us to get/have the things we need for all these Chemo symptoms that I am in misery and struggle over through taking this drug, I don't say that to play guilt or pry for charity. It takes so much to sacrifice all my pride and say that i need help, that I am struggling more than ever in my life. There is so much negativity in this but I know every negative has at least one positive. That keeps me going, keeps me full of HOPE, but it doesn't make this any easier. I have had to give up all my independence and force so many I love through hell I never wanted. My uncle Scott is out of work supervising me for undetermined amount of time (because of the constant need to watch for neurological symptoms, like bleeding, seizures, falls, and anything else that may come up plus to occassionally provide either living support when I need it). The chemo is a roller coaster ride every second of everyday and we never know what or when and how often we have to get things on a breath notice or things we cannot afford or insurance will not cover to treat some symptoms. Sarah is working her butt off to keep everything she can in line but she can struggle at times. We are a small family out here but i believe we have tremendous love and support, and we are trying to do our best. This isn't just my struggle alone I have realized. These last years have begun to impact everyone I know. I have to watch it tear at everyone I love in every direction and it kills me. I love you all so much and I am trying to be strong for all of you and get not just myself though this but maintain the world and self I once had. When we don't have the versatility to change with the rollercoaster that is those drugs, I get drug though misery and that just brings everyone down. Well, here I am. Finally in my life laying it all out, in God's hands, hoping and PRAYING that something will change or at least alleviate some weight off those I love and care for, maybe enough to improve the quality of life a little over this struggle ahead. Please spread this around to family and friends if you can. I feel it may seem overly selfish because everyone in life has their own things to struggle with and their own stress, and I have always been one hard pressed to ask for any help. i am so conflicted right now. I apologize if any of what I am asking is offensive or too much. I am just losing it honestly and don't know what else to do besides ask for help. It would tremendously help our family and me. Thank you for whatever you can do. I love and appreciate you. All of you that i have in my life in every degree and I truly hope this all gets better for everyone, not just myself.

-Love, Drew
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