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My friends dont send me a card on my B-day or X-Mas donate $1 or $100 or anything you can and "PAY IT FORWARD" To someone who deserves it!

Hi as you all know me as Misty Stokes-McDowney 1 of my Best Friends Maceshia Greene-Gray needs our help. She was in car accident when a oncoming driver coming the opposite direction on a 2 lane highway crossed over the line and hit her HEAD ON. Let me first tell you about her because bad things happen everyday to all of us that put us in binds, the economy is so bad they say regardless of class the majority of people are in between 1 to 2 paychecks of being homeless, I could use a hat and some tap shoes, or a sign that says "will work for food." (everyone knows I haven't missed a meal so maybe I should try something else but my point is everyone asks for donations and it isn't like 5 years ago its embarrassing to say you cant help out the schools yearbook team or sorry I cant donate to feed the abused animals and I need My own donation bucket. I DO BELIEVE IN HELPING THE GIRL SCOUTS WITH THOSE SAMOA COOKIES. But whether you have a dollar or pass up those delicious samoa cookies & instead of buying a new shirt or you feel inspired and donate more TO SOMEONE WHO TRULY DESERVES IT! This is why you should help my BFF Maceshia. She is one of the most loyal, trustworthy, hard working, giving person I have ever met. She made me want to be a better person. She has beautiful smart and athletic children her youngest is my God Daughter (I wasn't asked I took the position, not even sure Colonial Beach's 2010 Little Beauty pageant winner's parents know) but she is one of the best mothers I know she attends all of her children's sporting and academic events, she is known to jump right in there and help either raising money or taking kids that wouldn't be able to come because their parents cant take them. CAN YOU IMAGINE TAKING 3 CHILDREN TO ALL THEIR EVENTS OFTEN ON SAME DAYS IN DIFFERENT LOCATIONS? (While bringing the little princess to watch their older siblings at all their activities) All While holding down 2 Jobs! She still manages to have a hot meal made for her husband (that she adores) when he gets home. She works for Century 21 Battlefield as a Realtor although the market has not been so great in the last several years (great for buyers!) it is starting to come back around most Realtors in the area rely on their summer season for the majority of their sales due to the fact Colonial beach is where the Potomac meets the Chesapeake and is primarily a vacation, second home, retirement community, However with new construction and Washington DC commuters wanting less noise when they get home. Maceshia started Real Estate because she wanted to specialize in first time home buyers and work with people with credit problems so that can one day own their own home even if they need time to work on things she advises them how to get on the right track to get what she feels everyone deserves a piece of the AMERICAN DREAM. Being a Realtor means you are an independent contractor, Companies do not offer your typical health insurance. Getting a (non-corporate) Health insurance quotes will give you a HEART ATTACK then they will not cover you cause its a pre existing condition due to the fact you didn't actually buy the policy before your heart attack lol... Maceshia also works a second job on the naval base that also does not provide medical insurance, vacation or sick time but she works hard to provide the quality of life her and her husband want their children to have. They are not rich, but they work hard, their cups are always half full and both her and her husband have been known to lend a couch and a warm meal to someone in need. They are both very generous, if she or her husband had $5 dollars and someone was hungry they would give the whole $5 and go home and eat a sandwich. She has made someone dreams come true by volunteering for Habitat for Humanity. She recently told me she wanted to become a volunteer firefighter, I thought to myself (IN YOUR FREE TIME?) lol... she told me that she does these things that God wants her to do and to be an example to her kids and their young friends to teach them you have to work hard and give back to have anything in your life nothing is giving to you. Well this time I'd like to prove her wrong WITH YOUR HELP! Since I moved to Oklahoma I didn't find out about the accident until it was on the front page of my hometown Virginia paper and got a phone call from family saying there was a picture of her on a stretcher with her car mangled they didn't take her to a local hospital she was transferred to Inova Fairfax Hospital (were you only go if in critical condition) Speaking with her she was heavily sedated yet still in pain She has a broken Femur along with broken ribs along with other injuries, after a week and a half (I think) maybe longer she was able to come home 06/01/11 pending her doctors decision to admit her into a inpatient physical therapy facility or maybe with our prayers she can just do an outpatient physical therapy program. I spoke with her today although it will be more painful she wants to be at home with her family as much as possible. She was in so much pain I could hear it in her voice but all she said is "what am I going to do, I have no health insurance, I thought full coverage vehicle insurance meant I would have some medical coverage for myself but it wasn't explained to me and they were just trying to beat my old rate so I guess, they left me not covered to do so. It is unsure if the young girl that hit me has current insurance but I hope she's ok. There's no telling how long I cant walk or how long I will be out of work with no pay how will I help feed my family and pay for my house or take my children to everything I don't want to put it all on my husband?" That's Maceshia always worrying about everyone else. My daughter is type 1 diabetic for the last 2 years and she'll have it her whole life, Different kinds of insulin and supplies was approx $480 PLUS 2 HOUR TRIPS TO HER SPECIALIST 3 TIMES A MONTH, On top of that I got laid off no insurance is approximately $890 along with trying not to alter her life anymore than it already has so paying almost $900 for cheerleading and clothes I've not had it all and had to call Maceshia twice without questions she wired me money within minutes, One time she was working so she had her sister do it immediately. I can always count on her. So if you know her instead of sending flowers or a get well card please donate that money instead to help with her family with food, household bills, but especially her medical and physical therapy bills. I took my daughter Jaelyn to the ER several times because her sugar was to high or to low we stayed a couple hours and each bill is over $2K luckily I can make payment arrangements but half the time I cant afford them. So imagine Maceshia with all the test and surgery's and admitted for almost 2 weeks with no insurance and her being out of work for who knows how long. Please give a gift that will help help her in her time of need. As a Friend of Maceshia or a Friend of Mine or Someone that doesn't know us she will see who donated you can leave an inspirational message so she feels the love and support even from a stranger. It will mean so much and lift her spirits to know people care and take a little worry away. She deserves it. And you will be blessed! Thank you.
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