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My sister Angela Thompson has a rare form of Colon Cancer.

It's called Mucinous Adenocarcinoma. At the bottom of here is more about this type of cancer.

A little backstory is my family has Lynch Syndrome in our genes from out father's side. We have lost my grandmother, my grandfather (i don't think his was lynch syndrome), my father David, my Uncle Scott, my Uncle Hal, and my Aunt Shelly. I have one surviving Aunt Jane on my dad's side who has been blessed to have not gotten this terrible disease so far and I am sincerely hopeful she never will.

Angela is 38 and has 3 children that vary in age. Jordan, her oldest, is 20. Justice is her middle child and he's 14. Her youngest is Jayden and he is 3 months. Originally the mass was found in April but the ball was dropped and here we are now. 5cm in April to 15cm in August... very aggressive.

She does have insurance through Sunshine State. The surgery she needs is only done by two doctors in the state of Florida. Fortunately one is at the Mayo Clinic here in Jacksonville. Unfortunately, they won't pay for the HIPEC Surgery. He is trying to petition them but who knows what the chances are.

I'm setting this up because I don't want me or my other Sister to lose our older Sister, my Mom to lose her Daughter, and most importantly her children don't need to lose their Mother that need her and shouldn't have to but because of insurance there could be a greater risk. This HIPEC surgery gives her the best chances to survive based on what the team of doctors that are treating her believe. This treatment can hopefully begin the ending of this horrible part of life and she can continue on with her children and family.

Information on this cancer:
Mucinous Adenocarcinoma is made up of approximately 60 percent mucus. The mucus can cause cancer cells to spread faster and become more aggressive than typical Adenocarcinomas. Mucinous Adenocarcinomas account for 10 to 15 percent of all colon and rectal Adenocarcinomas.

The surgery type is HIPEC, .
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