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Stephanie is a member of the working poor, a single mom who suffers with uncomfortable, unattractive teeth ravaged by periodontal disease.

   Stephanie is a multi-dimensional person. She is a mother, an aunt, a college student, a full time server at Applebee’s, a friend, a sister, and an all-around awesome person. Stephanie has also been cursed with our mother’s bad weak teeth and periodontal disease. She is also a member of the working poor. She is a single mom who works for everything she has. Stephanie is suffering with uncomfortable, loose, unattractive teeth that are ravaged by periodontal disease. While her insurance covers preventive care, she desperately needs medical treatments and dentures.
    Periodontal disease causes teeth to slowly loose the support of the surrounding bone. Loose teeth can make it uncomfortable to bite into tough foods or to chew. Stephanie suffers from a poor diet due to the fact that she cannot eat. She suffers from an incessant odor, bleeding gums, and sensitivity to cold. She is in pain most of the time and has implemented eating aspirin like it is candy to get by.
   Stephanie use to smile all the time. I remember growing up with her and she was always smiling with a huge toothy grin. However, that smile has faded. Even the casually observer can notice that she concentrates a great deal on how she holds her face and lips when she speaks or smiles as not to show her teeth. She is a beautiful young lady whose bright bubbly personality has been dimmed by her damaged self-esteem due to the way her teeth look and the constant pain she lives with.
   Stephanie has received unsuccessful treatments from a periodontitis. Her periodontal disease is complicated by diabetes and is causing problems with her controlling her blood sugar. It is easy to understand why she has been advised to have all of their periodontal involved teeth to be removed. This is the solution to her problem, however the issue is cost.
    Stephanie and our family cannot afford her treatments or the dentures. In addition to the treatment and denture piece, she cannot afford the time lost at work. Applebee’s has agreed to give her the needed time off, but she cannot pay her bills with the loss of income through her tips.
 Please help me help my sister.
    Before and After pictures will be posted if we meet our goal.
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