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Be part of the Miracle to cure & help Mailia raise funds for her Adult Stem Cell Transplant & Heart Surgery.

Have you ever found yourself wishing that you could believe in miracles, that you could see a transformation with your own eyes? Or, better yet, wishing that you could be a part of making one happen?

With that question in mind, I'd like to share my story.

My name is Mailia, and I'd like to say thank you. Thank you for taking the time to read my story. Thank you for your willingness to be a part of my healing and apart of something miraculous.

You see, I was born with an undiagnosed heart defect, which led to a rare disease called Eisenmenger's Syndrome, a severe heart condition that led to elevated blood pressure in my lungs causing Pulmonary Hypertension.

After living with Eisenmenger's for sixteen years, I cannot receive a double heart and lung transplant, and my condition has been called incurable. But my familyhas not givenup. My parents have taught me to believe not only that I can be healed, but that my life can be a gift to others.

I want to live so that I can help others with Eisenmenger's Syndrome and other heart and lung conditions to have hope and healing. I want to be the one who beats the odds and helps others believe that they can, too. I'm just one person fighting for her life. But I know I'm not alone.

My mom and dad have done everything in their power to help me. Because of the high pressures in my lungs, they moved our family to sea level to buy me time for technology to catch up with my illness. They have paid extraordinary costs for many different therapies. They have sent letters, made calls, started, and used up all their retirement savings to help fund my treatments. In short, they've never given up hope that one day, I might be cured and able to leave my wheelchair and oxygen tanks behind.

And because you're listening to me now because you care you're already a part of my healing.

I've also become an advocate for Adult Stem Cell therapy, since I've had two successful treatments that dramatically improved both my lung pressures and my quality of life. My stem cells and that of other heart and lung patients are derived from our own blood and sent to a special lab in Israel for processing. In order for me to receive just one of these complex treatments, my parents, friends, and supporters need to raise between sixty-five and seventy-five thousand dollars each time. The fact that I've had two of these treatments already is something for which I'm thankful every day.

I love my stem cells they're a part of me, my own cells that science (and a little bit of magic) multiplied. They have healed and protected my heart and lungs, and they continue to be a vital part of my healing.

The next step in my treatment was to have a right-heart catheterization follow up study to check my lung pressures a few months ago. With all the catheterization data, my parents compiled a spreadsheet to calculate the drop in my pvr (pulmonary vascular resistance) since my initial diagnosis in 1999 and found that I have improved by 75%! This level of improvement is unprecedented in my disease.

My cardiologists and heart surgeon recommend another adult stem cell treatment before they can safely proceed with corrective heart surgery. A validation that the science and technology is working! I am hoping to receive a thrid stem cell treatment in Lima Peru using usinga new stem cell line produced by Dr. Yael Porat in Israel whoes stem cell science has help me so very much. In the interim, it is undergoing clinical trials in Peru.

And now, this is where you come in.

I'm only nineteen years old, but I've learned a lot in my life. I've learned about real love, about what's worth fighting for. I've learned that asking for help isn't a sign of weakness, but a mark of strength. I've learned that individually we can do amazing things, but together, we can accomplish more than we ever imagined.

The very fact that I'm speaking from my heart and you're listening is a miracle in its own way. It's the everyday miracle of personal connection the kind of miracle that's easy to overlook, the kind that has the power to change the world.

And so I ask I invite you to please help me receive the therapies and treatments that continue to give me life. My dream is to heal and be healed, and so I ask you to contribute any amount that you can give to make this dream a reality and be a part of my miracle.

If you wouldprefer tosend a check, prayers or well wishes to help our contact is:

Mailia Goforth 1130 N. Cherry Drive Pasco, Wa. 99301 Phone: (509) 266-4493

And with everything I am with all the strength I have in my heart I love and Thank You all so very much! Thank you tooGiveItForwardfor giving me this opportunity to share my story.

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