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this fund raiser is to raise a moderate amount of cash to assist her in paying a little bit each month towards rent.

also we would like to get her gift cards from Walmart walgreens etc. so she can have aromatherapy stuff, help with alternative treatments, go to a spa for a weekend and be pampered. she has lived her life loving and taking care of her family friends and acquaintances sometimes people she didn't even know. she well believes in paying it forward and I firmly believe it is her turn. she needs a dependable vehicle to go to and from her doctors appointments. and there will end up being 6-8 specialist working with her. nobody deserves to endure and suffer in pain the way she does. not only does she have lupus but raynauds phenomenon as well. these are autoimmune diseases that attack the weakest place in your body and reak havoc there. she fevers every night from 99 to 103, this is the most critical part because of the increase in white blood cells and the count goes higher and higher as the fever goes up. she awakes daily totally drained and not even able to walk to the bathroom she just slides off the side of the bed and crawls to the bathroom. she never gets dressed up anymore just has no energy to that. but when I see her watching other people as they are living their lives making plans for their weekend it sparks a little light back in to her eyes. she loves panama city beach and has said once or twice that's where she wanted to be when she breathes her last breath....... laying in the sun on the sand on one of America's beaches in the world. the sand soft and smooth running between her toes is one of the most descriptive thing ive ever heard her talk about . she feels closest to her god while standing on that beach watching the waves break, feeling the water rush under her feet and her feet sinking into the stand. and she says when that big orange sun sinks right into the ocean it's like god telling her goodnight my love tomorrow I will rise again for you..... you do believe my child she'd say.
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