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Family and friends of Karin Pitzel are uniting to raise money for her expenses while she kicks breast cancer. Please help be a part of this.

There are so many bumps in the road that we deal with each day. And some how we get through them and we carry on. But sometimes the bumps in the road are a lot harder than we thought. Sometimes we think we can handle it because "we have handled it before". Not this time ... this time, we need help. Our friend, sister, daughter, cousin, aunt, mother, co-student, co-worker needs our help ... Karin Pitzel. I would like to introduce you to one of the strongest people I know, my dear dear friend, Karin Pitzel. She is an amazing person. I met her over 12 years ago. Our kids were the same age, we lived down the street from each other and we clicked. We helped each other out in whatever or wherever we needed. We didn't know a lot about each other back then, just that we had common interests and situations. I always wondered "how does she do it, how does she push through each day?" As I got to know Karin over time I saw her strength and her passion in everything she did. It didn't matter if she was arranging a birthday party or throwing a shower or reaching out to help a friend .. it was always with passion, creativity and perfection (ok, let's call that last adjective control ... ha ha). Karin has always been a strong person and one to do whatever it took to get things done on her own ... um, that would be "the control thing" ... ha ha. Most of the time (99%) she would never ask for help. You could offer the help and she would accept it, but for the most part, never ask. Ya know, I am one of many friends of Karin's. We all have our own personal stories how she has helped us ... to pray with, to talk with, to vent with, to pick up your kids, to be the second set of eyes for your kids (you know the eyes in the back of our heads ;) Karin has always stretched herself for her kids, her family, and her friends. She is sooo creative and quite frankly it is annoying because you can never out do her which makes your life difficult with your own kids. Karin puts her heart into everything she does and it has to be perfect (back to that control thing ;). If you around her you feel it ... her heart, her love, her control (ha ha), her passion for life. Karin was plugging away at life ... taking care of her kids, managing her house, and going back to school to be a nurse and then she felt that one thing that all of us fear. She felt the lump. Karin was diagnosed with breast cancer on August 18, 2012. When she told us there was a lump, we all prayed and thought it will be okay. It wasn't. On October 9, 2012 Karin had both breasts removed. It was a decision that was simple for her because she was the 4th generation of breast cancer and she didn't want to have to worry about it down the road. Now this seems like most folks but there is a difference. Karin has no insurance. She is a single mom, raising three children, a fulltime student and did not expect this to ever happen to her just as many of us do -- always to someone else, never us. Close your eyes for a moment and think if you can, what would you do. As you can maybe imagine, the process of battling this disease is a little different than just popping in your doctors office and scheduling an appointment and then having surgery. The struggle Karin has been through from the time she felt the lump to now has been difficult. She has held her head up and pushed through but this time, she asked for help. Her family and her friends have been there for her. We have helped her with groceries, meals, taking her children to school and back, and anything else we could do while she battles this and holds her head up. But she needs more. Karin had her first chemotherapy treatment on Thursday, November 14, 2012. And, in true Karin fashion, she held her head up high with her laptop in front of her knowing that she was going to get her online class finished while the chemo was running through her. I'm telling you, she will not let this kick her. What will kick her is the expenses because of her situation. She is now feeling the effects of her first treatment. So here's the thing ... we need to help her. We need to close our eyes and picture if it were us or our daughter or our aunt or our mom or our sister or our friend or our fellow student or co-worker. Close your eyes and imagine for just a moment what this would be like. Imagine all those things that are already on your plate and now you have to push them over to make room for one more thing ... cancer! I will tell you that there are two things that will help Karin kick this ... your prayers and money. I understand that things are hard for all of us and so we are asking if you can give, give what you can. Be it $1.00 or $10.00 or $100.00 or anything in between or above, that would be a blessing. You can give without anyone knowing what you gave or you can give and even share a kind word, or a favorite scripture. I just ask that you give something. Again, we never ever want to feel that lump and we never ever want to get the call that "it's cancer". But, we know there is a possibility that we might or at least might know someone that is or has gone through this. It's scary and noone should have to go through this alone, not even the strongest and biggest control freaks ... please, help Karin Kick this Kancer!!! Thank you and God bless you.

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