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We are not an environmental organization; we are the vehicle to a green revolution. OneMovement provides the structure to sustain a unified front against climate change

 The sum of environmental action in the United States today consists of several inspiring grassroots organizations, each of which has an extensive history and formidable name recognition, a litany of accomplishments establishing its credibility, and a unique perspective on strategies for improving the environmental health of our country and planet.

However, the potential exists for a unified movement in which every major environmental organization works together as a solitary entity, serving to exponentially expand the reach of its message, streamline best practices, and construct a centralized and singular source of environmental activism. Imminent climate-driven ecological crises demand nothing less than this unprecedented solidarity. It is the only way to harness the momentum of the extensive but currently fragmented collection of individuals who recognize the impetus of an irrefutably necessary green revolution.

We are not an environmental organization; we are the vehicle to a green revolution.

OneMovement provides the structure to sustain a unified front against climate change. Through collaboration, the most influential environmental organizations will combine their resources -money, supporters, expertise - to create an annual campaign. This national campaign gains power with the universal use of a consistent wording- via canvas scripts, phone banking messages, poster text, ad campaigns - by all organizations.

We believe environmental progress will only be sustained with an adaptation of social norms; lasting change will come about when ordinary citizens have made conscious lifestyle changes to the point at which it becomes ingrained in our culture. OneMovement will enable this breakthrough in social progress by providing a launching pad for engagement, education, and empowerment - a space that allows for a discussion forum, networking, learning; one that continually progresses with user feedback.

• By providing a framework for the major environmental organizations to work together successfully

  • The executive council (composed of representatives from the aforementioned organizations) meets quarterly to decide on the most important campaign issue for the year and oversee design and implementation
  • Resources are equally invested by each organization (as a proportion of revenue) for each campaign
  • OneMovement serves as third party overseeing collaboration efforts

• By creation of a clear and consistent message

  • Executive Council and OneMovement design staff agree on a consistent message to be used throughout each campaign - canvass scripts, phone banking wording, poster text, ad wordage, etc.
  • Thereby maximizing the impact of every dollar raised, every volunteer enlisted, and every online petition, letter to the editor, email to a representative, by uniting them behind a consistent and singular message
  • Thus encouraging necessary support for crucial legislation and overcoming the dollars of powerful corporate lobbyists

• By aiding with implementation of campaigns

  • Providing design staff for campaigns
  • Providing funds for implementing ad campaigns through a variety of media (online, television, radio, etc.)

• By creating a recognized authority on environmental progress with a universally known website [briefly summarized here]

  • Engagement - inspiring individuals through videos, art, photos, and stories
  • Education - information on major players in the environmental movement, current and past related legislation, American environmental history, etc.
  • Empowerment -
  • Encouraging individuals to ‘take action’ beyond signing a pre-written petition, email, letter to a representative

• Website serves as a hub for learning about how to green a lifestyle - anything from starting a worm compost, to finding local bicycle trails, to installing a gray water system - and placing value on each of these changes
Enabling individuals to engage in discussion about the aforementioned lifestyle changes, gather for local events, and/or meet like-minded individuals
• Thus, providing a space for social networking and forming a community dedicated to mitigating climate change
By allowing the growing number of concerned citizens to come together with major environmental organizations to create a culture of clean, sustainable progress

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