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The Family and Friends of the Gjenashaj family are uniting to raise money to help releive the damage that hurricane Sandy caused.

My sister, her husband, and two children lost their Staten Island home on October 29th 2012 from major flooding caused by Hurricane Sandy. I spoke to my sister on Monday October 29th around 7:00 pm and it seemed like any normal night at my sisters house. She was cooking doing laundry and enjoying her family. She told me that it wasn't raining too bad at that time and it doesn't seem like the hurricane would hit too bad hopefully but she was preparing for a black out which was almost guaranteed. Within 20 minutes the tables really turned, Her husband rushed into the house panicking and telling his wife and two children to get out of the house NOW. My sister hurried to attempt to grab what she could but was chased out of her home by a strong ocean current and holding her 5 year old daughter while her 9 year old son grabbed the 2 dogs. Her husband rushed to try to help rescue the neighbors. The water was surrounding them so quickly they couldn't even shut the front door without chance of being swept away and drowning. My sister, Lori, her two children and the dogs hastily drove up one end of the street only to quickly make a U-Turn and drive through the rising waters as ocean waves crashed and chased behind them. Everyone in the vehicle was scared beyond belief and they were unable to make it out together which made it worse. Lori reached safer higher ground a few miles away and found shelter at a friends house. She called her husband to see where he was and the news got even worse. It was only about 7:45 at this point and high tide had not come in yet. Her husband was attempting to get to his mother who lives several blocks from them. In his mothers home also lives, his sister, his sisters 5 year old daughter, his sisters husband, His brother, His brothers Fiance and their 2 Children of the ages 10 and 17. The water was reaching to the middle of their second floor and they were all on the third floor. They did not have time to escape and again High tide still was not there. Everyone was petrified that they would drown. It gets worse. An electrical fire let loose and they were all trapped in a burning house that was filling up with water. The children were screaming and every one was crying. They luckily were able to escape through an exit and swim to the neighbors house which was feet away and they were rescued the next day by the Police. Days later my sister who still could barely speak with out crying her eyes out is so grateful she didn't lose any of her loved ones they still have each other however, she and her entire family in Staten Island have barely anything now and the water is still six feet high on her house. The terror they lived that night is more than anyone who hasn't lived through something like this can imagine. We are asking for any donation amount to help this family rebuild their lives. Please help in any way you possibly can and please pass their story along so that we can help them in any way possible.

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