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On 11/28/12 Lilo Kahlua became another angel for God. Please pray for us & Thank you all for your support.

ANNOUNCEMENT:Today, 11/01/12 at 11:59pm this fundraising page will end. I shortened the length of the fundraiser since thanks to all the generosity of our friends, fans, and the Internet community we have reached our goal and are able to pay for Lilo's outstanding Vet bills. We do not wish to receive more than what we need and are blessed to say that in the 3 days of having this page open we were able to raise our goal. Thank you so much again everyone, i will be sending you all personal thank you notes hopefully all by this monday. I am going on a silent retreat for the weekend and would love to thank each and everyone of you and respond to all of our emails. I dont know what we did to recieve all this love for Lilo but i am more than thankful for everyones support during this time... It is bittersweet to see how many she has touche since her passing. I love you all and wish you all the best.


Thank you always,



"My little dog—a heartbeat at my feet." - Edith Wharton


Lilo is in critical condition right now at Southern California Veterinary Specialty Hospital in Irvine, Ca and she needs your help. Her one wish this year is that she can celebrate christmas this year with her family and friends. She is suffering from extreme anemia, internal bleeding, and desperately needs to raise money for her emergency care and possible surgery. For most people that know Lilo is she is that spunky little 2.5 pound yorkie that loves to share her photos and adventures with her friends on Facebook, instagram, and other social media. She loves being a therapy dog and doing tricks and running agility. She's the sweetest most cuddlesome dog you'll ever meet. She never hesitates to say hello, or to high five children she meets on the street, and amazes the world by breaking every stereotype a little dog can have. From her skateboarding to her sweet demeanor, Lilo has always done her best and has been the most amazing dog any owner or friend could ask for. She embodies what I believe all dogs are to man, and that is another heart that loves and wants to be loved. She has never asked anything of me or anyone but to give her a smile and maybe a belly rub. But now she needs our help. Today we noticed she didn't want to eat or drink, and for those who know her, she is a nonstop eating machine. We rushed her to the vet after noticing her gums were pale. There the kind vets told us that out of the 40% of red blood cells that she needed to survive, she had only had 20% and she was extremely weak. After tests, xrays, & blood panels we agreed it was best to bring her to the emergency. We paid $1000 and then transferred her over to the emergency vet. We now have her classified as in critical condition and have found that she has some bleeding internally. We have paid the $1000 deposit to continue the care through the night but fear we may have dried out all our accounts and left with no idea where to go from here. If the internal bleeding continues she would need another $1000 to stay another night with the IV fluids and Blood transfusions. If they find a tear in her intestine her vet costs could go around $5000 just to have an emergency surgery. We are both college students, trying our best to save our best friend and companion. We love her with all our heart and soul and have reached the point where we are struggling to keep her alive. Her wish this year is just to be there to make us all smile again and to be that little heartbeat that sits by our feet. She wants to love and be loved and to share with all her friends again but we need to save her. Please help us if you can and share her story so her wish can come true. Any donations and sharing of her story will help greatly and go directly to her care. We will update along the way and pray for her recovery. Thanks you so much everyone. Love, Cess, Tam, & Lilo Kahlua

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