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Pooka has two torn ACL's in her hind legs and needs to have surgery so she can function as a youthful puppy. She's a little over a year old.

In October 2011, Pooka was the last puppy to be adopted out of her accidental litter. She is a mix of two pure breed parents of Aktia and Saint Bernard. She has an all white body but the most adorable face. No one wanted Pooka because she did not look like a typical Saint Bernard. I on the other hand, instantly fell in love with her. It took some major convincing on my end in order to get my parents to let me have her. In the end, everyone fell in love with her just as I had; Pooka was mine.

One day Pooka was out playing, being the active dog she is, when she landed wrong. It progressively got worse with a few slips on the wet grass and playing with her other dog friends. I made several trips to the vet with her in order to find out what was causing her pain. To my dismay, I learned she has two torn ACLs in both of her hind legs. Pooka needs the surgery in order to function as the youthful dog she is. Furthermore, she needs the surgery so she does not have to live every day in agony. It breaks my heart every day to see her in pain this pain. I struggle with knowing it is only because I do not have the funds to help her. I am currently in college and finances are really tight while I am trying to pay for school. When I got Pooka she brightened my world. I never expected to encounter such a difficult situation. I have already paid for x-rays and specialist visits which have diminished the savings account I had. I look at her and know that she should not have to suffer on my account. I cannot bare the thought of not being able to give her the surgery she so desperately needs. If I cannot raise the funds, I will have to find someone who can give her the surgery, or put her down. I cannot schedule the surgery unless I have the funds to pay it in full.


Per doctors orders: The only thing we can do for now is give her baby asprin and long walks. The reason she needs to be walking is to help build the muscles around the knee for strength. Running is not recommened however, it is hard to stop her when she just takes off. If she runs she is extremely sore the next day and risks tearing the ACL more. If you have any questions, please email us at

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