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Parents of Kyler raising money to pay medical bills for our sons emergency hospital stay after being born

On march 27th baby Kyler was born by c-section at 10:50 am at blanch ield army medical center at fort Campbell. The nurse taking care of him after the birth let my wife see him and told me he would need stimulation to help him get his lungs clear of fluid. I fallowed them to our room and they started patting him and trying to make him cry in hopes he would cough up what fluids were left so he could take a full breath. After several stressing moments they began to start doing suction with a tube down his throat. the nurse then told me they would have to move him to the special baby unit so a doctor could give him the care he needed and told me I could go check on my wife while the doctor worked on him.

I headed back to my wife's room and shortly she was brought in I let her know that the baby was fine but was having some breathing issues. The nurse who brought my wife in told us that she was going to see about getting us moved to a room next to the special baby unit.

That evening we saw the Dr. and he told us that Kyler had tachypnea and would need to be put on a respirator to administer his medications and keep his blood oxygen levels up. after receiving 2 treatments his Dr. told us that the treatments were not working enough and they were going to need to transport him to a NICU in Vanderbilt hospital Nashville TN but our tri-care insurance would not cover everything mainly the ambulance that had a specialist for infant lung disorders

They released my wife early and we headed down to Vanderbilt. upon arriving they gave my wife a room next to the NICU where she could sleep and pump for breast feeding and just be close to him. After a few days of breathing treatments and being on a respirator they then changed him to a nasal cannula and reduced the amounts of oxygen they were giving him and continued to do so for the next week finally bringing him down to the equivalent of the air around him. later that week we finally got to have him in our room and take him home the next day. Kyler is now home and doing very well but has left us with medical bills that our insurance does not cover all of and an empty savings account.

thank you for your donations and prayers
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