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Help raise money for Dan Yarborough's 2nd stem cell transplant, which is not covered under his insurance. It's our turn to give back!

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Dear Friends and Family,

On March 20, 2011 our Dad was diagnosed with a blood cancer called Multiple Myeloma. As scary as the diagnosis was, we found ourselves grateful to learn that although it is not curable yet, it is a very treatable cancer. We were also overjoyed to find out that one of the leading Multiple Myeloma research doctors moved to Greenville In January 2011. He is now Dad's doctor.

Luckily after many physical and genetic tests, Dad landed in the "low risk" category of patients with Multiple Myeloma. Our family was delighted to hear that news, until a month later when we found out all his medical expenses would not be covered under his insurance. When we asked how much a 2nd stem cell transplant would cost, we were told $100,000 for self-paying patients. (That's when Dan's kids decided to start this page! To be quite honest, at this moment Mom and Dad don't even know about it!)

Since there is no known cure for MM at this time, Dr. Fritz Van Rhee, along with other reserach doctors at the University of Arkansas Multiple Myeloma Reserach Hospital, have determined that intense chemotherapy followed by tandem (2) stem cell transplants within 3 months of one another prolongs the life expectancy of patients in the "low risk" category tremendously.

So if this is true, WHY IN THE WORLD isn't Dad covered under his insurance??? You see, Dad turned 65 last July and happily got on Medicare and continued to use his BCBS policy as a supplemental form of insurance. He had been covered under Mom's BCBS school district policy up until then. UNFORTUNATELY, a Medicare ruling in 2000 determined that tandem stem cell transplants do not extend life expectancy. THAT WAS 11 YEARS AGO!!!! ALL research findings and studies at this time are revealing to us a very different story. In many cases people are considered "cured" after tandem transplants and maintenance chemo because they are in remission for 10 years or more.

Of course, this is what we want for our dad and nothing less. Dad has already undergone chemotherapy and the first stem cell transplant. He dealt with it all like a champ and Mom has been AMAZING! "He is my life", I have heard her say a number of times, and it's true. Their love is an inspiration.

We are starting this page to raise money for Dad and his medical expenses. HE IS GOING TO HAVE THAT 2nd stem cell transplant and according to Dr. Van Rhee, it should be in August. That obviously doesn't give us much time. Our dad has given his life's work to his wife, children, and grandchildren, and I know that he has given, in some way, to many of you. He is the most generous man I have ever met, as I have heard many of you say before. Now it's our turn to give back to him. Let's do this!
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