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Please help support Barb while she goes through treatment for Stage III non-small cell lung cancer.

Like many, Barbara Morgan wasn’t prepared when she received a Stage III Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer diagnosis. Independent and hardworking, Barbara was struggling to make ends meet, working at a gas station full-time, always eager to work overtime when the opportunity arose. Because Barbara lived pay check to pay check, she was forced to opt out of her employer sponsored health plan because she couldn’t afford it. Barbara and her brother, Kenny, who she supports, live in a small travel trailer without running water. While times have been tough, Barbara takes a lot of pride in her work ethic. When she received her cancer diagnosis, Barbara refused to give up working through 6 rounds of chemotherapy and 4 weeks of radiation, an action which has eliminated her from public assistance and disability, despite her medical qualifications. Barbara was able to adjust her work schedule so that she had every Friday off for her weekly chemotherapy, followed by one day of recovery before she went back to work on Sunday whether she was feeling ok or not. Unfortunately, Barbara has experienced many side effects from treatment including neuropathy (pain and numbness in the hands and feet), difficulty swallowing and therefore maintaining her weight, several severe allergic reactions to chemotherapy, hair loss, severe skin reaction from radiation, chronic cough, esophagitis, low energy, thrush, fatigue, hoarseness in her voice, shortness of breath and back pain. And yet despite these debilitating conditions, Barbara continues to work. Barbara had some response from her treatments thus far, but her healthcare team has recommended that she have a serious surgery, one which will prevent Barbara from working for at least six to eight weeks. Unfortunately, Barbara does not have vacation or sick time from her employer, or short-term disability. Barbara already lives very simply. Her expenses include rent, a car payment, car insurance and a phone bill, but without savings and without income for up to two months, if Barbara were to have the surgery she wouldn’t be able to afford expenses of daily living. Barbara is now in the difficult position of having a surgery which will give her the best shot at treating the cancer, but will also essentially make her homeless. Additionally, as we approach a cold Washington winter, Barbara’s living conditions are far from ideal. In addition to lacking running water, she also cannot afford to heat her trailer. With low winter temperatures, this will make her recovery from surgery very challenging. We are asking for your help to raise two months of living expenses for Barbara, in addition to a small reserve for her to be able to put towards first and last month’s rent as well as a security deposit on a modest apartment. Barbara is attempting to apply to low-income housing, but she has been cited a 3-5 year waitlist before an apartment will become available. Barbara is a proud woman—someone who works hard and does the best with what she’s got. She doesn’t want public assistance, but falls into a category of hardworking Americans earning minimum wage or slightly above who don’t qualify anyway. The friends and family of Barbara Morgan are hoping this opportunity from Give Forward might be the chance at a break that she has never received before. We thank you for stopping by and listening to Barbara’s story. At the very least we know the well wishes from caring individuals like yourself will be sent her way. Thank you.

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