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Please help our family and friends raise money for Mommy Eileen's battle against breast cancer. We can fight this!!

In 1993, my sister Eileen had two lumps removed from her right breast at the age of 18. Since then, she had her annual physical and breast exams done to make sure she was free of any cancer or illnesses. For 18 years, she had several breast biopsies done and everything was benign. It wasn't until early this year in 2011 when my sister started noticing changes in her breasts. She then scheduled an appt to get examined on Guam and the doctor was going to schedule her for a breast ultrasound, but since my sister was leaving to the Philippines within a couple of weeks, she decided to get checked there instead. She had a mammogram, a breast ultrasound and other exams done while at the Philippines and all the results were supposedly fine. When she returned home to Guam, she underwent a follow up breast ultrasound exam six months after her exam from the Philippines. The radiology tech detected 3 suspicious looking masses- 2 on the left breast and 1 on the right breast- and showed it to the radiologist. They scheduled her to get a needle biopsy done 3 weeks after the follow-up exam. The needle biopsies were scheduled on 2 separate days for each breast. The left breast was biopsied first and the results were benign. Then the right breast was scheduled a week after that. On the day of the biopsy of the right breast, my sister had a strong feeling that something might have been missed on the exam done on her right breast since there were significant changes on that breast. She asked the tech to check the right breast under the ultrasound again before they did the biopsy. At first, the tech insisted that there was nothing else because she didn't see anything else other than the one they were going to biopsy 3 weeks ago. But because my sister insisted that the tech check it again, the tech scanned my sister's breast and sure enough she saw another suspicious mass which measured less than a centimeter. The tech informed the radiologist about the additional mass and the biopsies were done. Then on September 2011, two weeks before her 37th birthday, my sister received the bad news. She had - invasive ductal carcinoma. The additional mass that they had seen on the day of her biopsy turned out to be malignant. My sister was devastated. If it weren't for her gut feeling and persistence, that lump would have gone undetected and my sister would have gone her way thinking she was cancer free!

While on Guam, my sister met with a breast surgeon. She asked the breast surgeon if he knew what stage her cancer was, and he said that based on the results given to him, it was stage 1. The breast surgeon told my sister that he wanted her to have an MRI done so that they could be certain. They tried to schedule for an MRI, but unfortunately, they had to get an approval from my sister's insurance first. They told my sister that once they get the approval, they would call my sister to schedule the appt. My sister waited and waited until finally after a week of waiting, my sister decided to go to California for treatment instead. She felt that both Guam and the Philippines disappointed her, especially because they didn't detect her sooner.

Upon my sister's arrival in California on October 2011, she underwent additional tests and exams. Thinking that the mass was small enough to do a mastectomy and have chemo or radiation done right away so that she could return home to Guam to be with her children, she received more upsetting news. The results show that the mass in her right breast was too large to remove right away. Now, she has to undergo chemotherapy first for six months hoping to shrink the mass before removing it. Also, it was here in California where she was officially diagnosed with stage three . After her six month treatment, we're all hoping everything will turn out as planned so we could go on with my sister's mastectomy. This will be approximately a year of treatment and recovery.

As you can imagine, this unexpected family crisis has taken quite a toll on my sister Eileen both emotionally and financially. Stress that she does not need in her current condition. My sister will be away from work for at least a year, so there is no saying that she will continue qualify for her insurance to help cover some of her expenses. Even now, my sister has been here for a month, and her insurance has not approved clearance for her chemotherapy to begin. This treatment is something that cannot wait unfortunately! Also, she may not have full insurance coverage since the surgery will be out of the country.

This is a lot to take in for all of us, but we strive to keep positive and pray for the best! She has three little girls, and we all want mommy to get better soon. We ask for your help and support. Please help our family and friends raise money for Mommy Eileen's battle against breast cancer. We'll fight this together!! Thank you so much for your support and prayers!! God Bless =)

Pascua Family
Cruz Family
Sy Family
Duldulao Family
Saber-Arriba Family

If you would prefer to send a check or money order, you may do so by emailing me at for the mailing address. For any questions, please feel free to call me, Eleanor Sy, at 510-814-7364.
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