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Deborah's family and friends are uniting in order to raise funds to help her in her battle with CANCER!! Please Help and Join US!!

Deborah Rice Grajek, what can I say about her? I am a little bias because I am her sister and have always considered her to be my best friend. The sort of best friend that no matter what the circumstance, you can show up on her doorstep with bag in tow. Think being her sister that would be a given but that is a given with anyone Deborah has encountered. Give it a friend, nephew or stranger.

I cannot talk about her without mentioning the first time she called and told me she had cancer on her right eye. Shocked, I questioned her to find out she had a pinpoint area in her right eye that over the course of a few months had escalated into a draining mess. Being a nurse with plenty of encounters with cancer, I was frightened by the prospects. Why had we not heard about this earlier?? Through aggressive treatment Deb was back to work and all seemed well.YAY!!

About 2 years had passed when Deb called reporting a lump in her left breast, "Breast CANCER!" They said they could remove the lump, they didn't get it all! They want to remove part of the breast, they still didn't get it all! She lives with a Double Mastectomy today!. Knowing how strong Deb is, we cried but knew she would carry on.

I cannot continue without mentioning Deb's wonderfully funny, charming, and sometimes pesky husband, Freddy. He was by her side with love and encouragement every step of the way to tell Deb what a beautiful women she is. With Deb home from surgery, tubes draining from every orifice, Freddy went for a checkup due to a persistent cough. They would find out in the following weeks that Freddy had stage 4 lung cancer which had already metastasized into his bone and other vital organs. Deb and Freddy's frantic search for answers ended 4 months later in their home as she care for him along with his hospice nurse. I sat with Freddy as he took his last breath and wear his necklace today.

The following two years have been a battle of grief but with three beautiful grandbabies and the most amazing daughter, Deb has moved forward seeking happiness. Recently Deb was diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer. She had the right upper lobe of her lung removed December 28th, 2011. The good news is she has no metastasis. Doctors are offering chemotherapy which will give her a slight change of greater than a 5 year life span. I am a registered nurse who has witnessed first hand the miracles of alternative cancer treatment and Deb has chosen this path. Unfortunately insurance will only cover the cost of toxic chemicals that are proven to kill over and over again. Cancer is a beatable disease but in order to fight, funds are required. Deb is unable to work at this time. We are an average family with monthly struggles. Alternative treatments can be costly at first and Deb refuses to accept help from our mother depleting her retirement savings. I am not one to ask for help but, I am sucking it up and asking.

God says, pride is one of our biggest sins. "HELP"... No amount is too small. It will be more than we started with. If you cannot help financially, "trust me"..I understand. I have 5 children and they are very costly just send your prayers...thank you so much for reading.

With Sincere Love..Sandy

All your generous contributions are deeply appreciated- anything you can give will help! ***You can also keep track of Deb's day to day progress on her facebook pages.
If you have any questions, suggestions, or just need to contact a representative for the family please call Sandy (Debby's sister) at 828-702-4301 or email sandy at

For stepping aside and having faith that everything will be alright. Your love and relentless support surpasses none. We love you for "ALWAYS" being there.
Kim, Sandy, Debby, Dave and Kathy
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