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Thank you all for your support in getting this off the ground and helping my babies and hopefully a few others!!

This was mainly started to help my two babies but if we raise enough money I will also be using it in my battle to help abused pit bulls or pit bulls on death row because of neglectful owners. We have fostered and adopted out several already along with my two babies and it will always be a passion of ours to do everything we can for this breed that has been neglected, abandoned, and abused for so long. This is not a scam, nor do I plan on using any donations for anything other then getting my babies healthy and helping others that need it. Need an incentive to help our babies??...If we can get up to at least $500 donated every person donating $5 or more will be entered in the drawing to win $100 in your paypal account or a mailed money order after the fundraiser has completed. Please make sure to put a valid email address in the comment section with the donation if you would like to be in the drawing, otherwise we will not be able to know who made the donation to send your winnings

Belladonna is a year and a half old brindle pit bull and already a miracle baby so I am hoping we have one more miracle left for this sweet girl. Nova is a 6 month old black and white pit bull and and was rescued at 6 weeks old still not weened from her momma.

Nova is still ongoing treatment for the parvovirus. She has lost almost 12 lbs but is now eating small bits at a time and drinking every now and then. She will hopefully be off of her iv fluids within the next few days if she pulls through and keeps getting better at the rate she is, if not we will have to look at other options. Even after she will still have a few more weeks of other treatments bc the virus lives inside of the animal for a total of almost 8 weeks.

Belladonna was rescued from a backyard breeder at 11 weeks and came into our home with the parvovirus without us knowing, a week after us getting her we found out that all of her litter mates along with momma and daddy had died. This babygirl luckily found the strength to get through it! But a year and a half later she has contracted it again from Nova and the odds wont be good the second time around.

They both have a 50/50 chance of surviving and I will do everything in my power to give these angels a second, third, and fourth chance at life because that is just what they have given my family. They are my heart, life, and everything that makes me who I am...They have impacted me in a way I never knew was possible.

What is Parvo? Parvo in dogs is a real tragedy. Once the virus chooses his victim, most dogs will suffer a great deal of pain and anguish. The virus strikes quickly in stealth; both you and your dog will not what know hit him.

One day he looks fine, and in the blink of an eye, he’s lethargic, depressed, refuses to eat or drink any liquids, he will be dehydrated because of uncontrolled vomiting along with extremely foul-smelling diarrhea that is often bloody, he may also have a fever, or chills, and will sleep an unusual amount of hours (day and night), as these are the main signs of Parvo to look out for. Parvo attacks the small intestines and then works its way throughout the body.

Why is Parvo so devastating?

The incubation period of the virus is anywhere from 3 – 15 days. This is no hibernation period; this is a recruitment/growth period. The virus is looking for ways to become invincible. So, during this seemingly quiet time, he is gathering troops and cloning himself through rapid cell division, thus stacking the deck in his favor.

Now, all of this activity requires fuel (remember everything has a cost), so where does that come from?

The host (in this case, your beloved pet).

Parvo is going after easy food sources (such as your dog’s bone marrow, and then he’s off to shred your dog’s intestines), after all, that is one of the things he does best – find easy targets.

Parvovirus Symptoms:

Lethargy and a lack of playfulness.
Not eating or drinking.
Vomit (often starting as an off-white mucus, turning later on to a yellow frothy vomit).
Diarrhea (normally foul-smelling and frequently bloody).

All proceeds will be going to Woods Animal Hospital in Norcross to help with our pets and the other animals they have helped rescue to adopt to loving homes.
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