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Please help my Mother live her final days with some semblance of quality of life and peace of mind

It seems to me an impossible task to try to describe for the uninitiated exactly how important my Mom has been to my development into adulthood. I've never been the most dutiful son, but I've always had nothing but adoration and respect for the incredible trials my Mother has gone through - all with that bubbly personality and that warm smile that makes me feel as if nothing else matters in the world. My mom has taken care of me and my siblings (me, my brother Mike, my sisters Tiffany and Cynthia) with almost supernatural dedication, putting aside all other pursuits and dreams and focusing entirely on trying to carry us through the dark times.

And she has done all this, for my entire life, with various debilitating illnesses. Her doctors have always been speculative on what she had, some feeling it was a really severe case of rheumatoid arthritis but most eventually settling down on some combination of arthritis and lupus. Her case is so complicated that she may get two or three different diagnosis in the same day. But even through the pain, the fatigue, the mental lapses brought on by illness... she has ever stayed on course, cradling us gently over every trial and tribulation we have faced.

But now she is facing one final obstacle, and even her stone-like will won't bring her through this. She has Mixed connective tissue disease and some form of severe Vasculitis, which may be Wegener's Granulomatosis or some other severe form but the diagnosis is still shifting. Her kidney's failed in September of 2011, and ever since it has been a fight to try to make sure she is covered by her insurance for dialysis and other essential treatments. Even though she eventually became covered, financially the drain is all-encompassing, and there is nothing left for any of us to give. My Dad already works multiple jobs and every paycheck is a precarious balancing act where we must decide what is important to pay and what is not important. I'm broke, my Dad is broke... and all we want to see is my mom able to live her last days in relative peace.

Her current dialysis regiment is the brutal three-times-per-week type, which forces her to go to a hospital every few days and undergo dialysis treatment overnight. This usually falls on the only days of the week that my Dad has off, so she doesn't even get to sleep with him anymore. And on the days she's not on dialysis, she is a walking depressed zombie... gone is that warm smile, that stone will that has taken the family through so many hard times. She seems... defeated.

My mom was told she is the "perfect candidate" for dialysis @ home, which is a much gentler type of dialysis and would allow my Mother some quality of life. And for a week she was allowed to test what the daily regiment would feel like... it was so amazing to see my Mom up and about and functioning again. She regained some level of quality of life, which is all she wants in her final days: To be with her family, not constantly sleeping all the time and nauseous and dizzy and in a haze.

Then they told her that her health insurance wouldn't cover this. Since then, she has seemed to sink further into depression, resolving internally that she will never live another happy day again. I just want to see her happy again.

This fundraiser is to try to raise money for at least several months of dialysis @ home treatment, so she can live these final days in relative peace and happiness. I cannot possibly express enough gratitude toward the people who would choose to help us, because what this will do is give one final kindness to someone who has always been selfless, someone who always focused on helping others instead of herself.

Thank you for reading and if there are any questions or if you want personal contact information to send checks to my Mom, e-mail me:
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