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In closing I would just like to thank every body in advance for there donation , and belive me it will be paid forward

To make a long story short I have been on dialysis for about 6 and a half years . Since I started all this I have developed several medical issues as a result of sideffects from being on the dialysis machine,restless leg syndrome and erectile disfunction that will not get better after my transplant, I had to have my kidneys removed due to non function. I developed cancerous tumors in them so the doctors took them out. Most recently I have had heart problems from having congestive heart failure twice within 4 weeks to clogging of the arteries since 2010,To having to have had 4 stents put in that failed. Finally in January of this year I had to have bypass surgery. And now I go to Diaysis 4 times a week instead of the normal three days. Needless to say the medical bills have been piling up I have several bills that have gone to collections. I have lost my house, a vehicle and my job. I haven't worked in over 6 years.not because I don't want to work, but due to the fact when employers find out that I am on dialysis they want nothing to do with me even though I have 25 years experience in the plastics industriy. I am currently getting S.S.I.benifts and my wife does what she can working 45 hours a week. According to the State she makes too much money for them to help us. My daughters friend has offered to give me a transplant. I can never repay her for this. With this transplant surgery coming up by the end of next month It will be about 6 weeks before I am able to get on my feet and start looking for a job. Things are tight like you would not believe .I have 3 granddaughters and a wife of 32 years. What ever help we can get would be greatly appreciated
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