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Looking for donations of $10, $20, $30 or more. I don't want you to break yourselves but are help will be appreciated.

Straight to the point and pulling no punches, yes, the doctors ay I am dying. I have a very rare cancer that has and is coverying my body and no way to stop it:
The Cancer is named:
Epithileod Hemangioendothelioma and it has covered the largest percentage of my liver and both lungs. It is now showing up in other soft tissue locations and they are checking places on the bones.
My medical bills are pilled so high and it's getting to the point I can't efford the pain treatments. I never thought I would humble myself and ask anyone for help but thanks to some friends here I am.
I have lost my medical and life insurance I had with my job because I can't work the required hours needed to hold on to them but I do make the efford to go and have and I do try to show up.
I want to show my son no matter how hard life treats you you never give up but you fight until the end.
I'm fighting to be able to make the payments for pain treatments which let me function in public (which for awhile was an issue becase I was so drugged).
I'm also fighting to be comforted knowing I will be buried or cremated with respect and dignity.
I have given so much of myself to others and I have always been a hard worker and like others and I never thought this would happen to me and it would come to this point.
My advice to all others If your only life insurance is with your job learn from me and seek more outside of the work insurance also. It may save your peace of mind when the time comes. With me that opion is to late.
There is no cure or treatment or open studies for this cancer and it's getting to the point I don't know how to handle it. Every day I wonder is this going to be the day when my body starts locking down and the end is near.
I've been to Emory Cancer Center in Atlanta who almost killed me by mistake with chemo treatments that made this cancer speed up. But to their credit they had never seen this type of cancer before and wanted to start fighting it fast.
I went to M.D. Anderson in Houston which had seen this cancer before and stated from beginning to end is five years in which I have passed.
I went to the Northside Cancer Center and now the Northside Pain Center where I get my pain medicated and whatever tretments they have..
There is no help and everyday I face the day knowing that at any minute my life could be over.
I've got so much to do but due to the pain I have to stay have close to home.
I'm fighting hard but I look back at my life and like all of us I pray for forgiveness for the bad and stand proud for all the good in the past.
In Atlanta I started over 18 years ago filling the streets of downtown area with motorcycles working with fundraising for the" March of Dimes" at the Hard Rock Cafe and that went on for years..
I held Bikes events at the Hard Rock, Planet Hollywood , Tha All Star Cafe and with Brian Whitcomb at the ESPN Zone and Jillians. (All of which raised money to benefit a charity or a person in need).
To alot of people I'm known as WildSanta because for years I spent a minimum of 20 hours of my time weekly setting up the events needed with a great friend Dennis Hord to raise the toys and funds for the "Toys for Tots".
The name WildSanta came from a great friend. You see, at that time I was a healther 6 foot 4 fellow carrying a 357pound frame dealing with thousands of Harley riders. Plus I had the long pony tail and beard so it just fit.
I am proud of the millions of toys and the hundread of thousand if not millions of dollars I had a hand in raising so thousands of children could have a Christmas with Toys For Tots and.And alot of them a future they may never of had with March of Dimes..
I've had my hand in numerous other of charities from help Police Departments organize rides for falling Officers to helping arrange transport for falling heros from the battlefields. All I did with love. But I never thought I would be on this end of it.
I have had a motorcycle event held to help out myself and Versey with Riders coming from all of the country and I thank everyone of them from the bottom of my heart that rode and gave so much of themselves.
I have given so much of myself to others and I have been a hard workers like others and I never thought it would come to this point. But there is an old saying Life is what it is.
It's a strange world but live it and enjoy it.
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