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A chance to give a budding young man a second chance at life. I'm not looking for a hand out, but simply a hand up. Thank you for your time.

I do not intend to make a mockery out of this website, I only intend to tell my story in hopes of it finding its way to the right people.

September 2007 my life changed for the worse and has been a decline physically ever since. I was changed and different, rejected and mocked. No one in my age group had to deal with my symptoms. I not only had to deal with it, I didn't even know what the name of this condition was called or what caused it for that matter. For 5 years I hid myself from my family and friends, I cut everyone out of my life for the fear of embarrassment. I would only go out when it was dark to run little errands. I lost my job because of my appearance. Everyday my co-workers mocked and laughed at me, thinking my appearance was self inflicted and it was all my fault. The constant pressure caused me to smoke and drink my nights away just to try and drown my sorrows.

I distanced myself from the world, I even lost the ability to look people in their eyes. It became really dark for me. When I lost my job I filed for unemployment and was accepted. I spent all my money on tests of the blood, urine, bone marrow biopsy and countless other procedures to find a cause to my condition but to no avail. It was times I thought even if you tell me I have a life threatening condition the relief I would get from a diagnosis would mean the world to me. What killed me is when the doctors said I'm fine but my body is showing me signs everyday that I am far from that and declining daily.

It took me 5 years later to find out the name of one of my worst symptoms which is exfoliative cheilitis. A vain symptom I know, but living in a vain world where we're constantly judged it is a constant reminder how cruel this world can be every day. I look in the mirror and cry sometimes, I feel my life has been stolen from me. But I digress, yes exfoliative cheilitis is one of my symptoms but now Im looking through my organs to see whats causing this. I had an abdominal ultra sound and discovered I had mild bilateral chronic parenchymatous renal disease (grade 1) of the kidneys. My current doctor wants me to do a series of tests all kidney related.
1) CBC 2) urea and creatinine 3) ESR 4) ALK. Phosphate 5) FSH, FT3, FT4 6) PTH. Also recommended I check my lung function by starting with a Chest x-ray and an updated Abdominal ultrasound to check the kidneys again.
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