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Brittany has Cystic Fibrosis. She has recently been listed for a double lung and liver transplant. Please be a part of her journey.

I have cystic fibrosis. It's an incurable, genetic disease, where sufferers have thick mucus clogging their lungs. Imagine living your life breathing through a straw, that's how CF is described to a non-sufferer. For the most part part my life has been filled with love, laughs and happiness, I wasn't held back and looking at me you would have never known I was sick, but despite that at the back of my mind there was always a number - the average life expectancy for someone with my disease. That number is 31. Because of scarring from infection, a sufferer will either slowly suffocate - leaving their lungs unable to supply enough oxygen to the body - or their immune system loses the battle against infections. As I grow older things become harder to do, independence is lost and a sense of isolation was gained. I was told the best chance of survival was a double lung transplant, which is not unusual for CF patients, unfortunately I also suffered from severe liver damage, and was told a liver transplant was necessary as well, which is quite rare. 30 Double lung and liver transplants have been completed at Children's Hospital. I will be number 31; the life expectancy of a CF patient without transplant. Please join me on this journey, and help me to reach 31 and beyond.


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