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This is the Help Akemi Play Again Fund. Any donations will be put to help pay for expensive TTA surgery on her knees.

Akemi is our beloved 3 year old red nosed pit. A few months ago she came up lame and we thought it might be a slight sprain. Little did we know she had partially torn her CCL (the canine equivalent of the human ACL) while playing. So it seemed like terrible luck that within a few days of the first incident, she hurt her other leg. As it turns out, her injury profile is typical of CCL ruptures. A young, athletic dog over 50lbs hurts one leg and then has a 30-50% probability of injuring the second one soon after. She now is lame in both legs and it's breaking our hearts.
The good news is, that TTL surgery has a very high success rate. Re-injury is not an issue because the bones are operated on in a way that nullifies the need for the CCL and therefore she will be able to have 90-95% of her original strength and mobility. The bad news is the terrible cost involved which is over $4,000 per leg.
Surgery is necessary not only to restore her mobility and relieve her pain now, but to stop degeneration of her ligaments and bones going forward.
The Japanese name Akemi means bright, red and beautiful and she is all three. It is often used to describe sunrises and sunsets which is appropriate because she is the light of mine and Michele's life. She holds a heart in her chest the size of her head and loves people and dogs alike. Please help us help her. Even if it's just to spread the word, send out the link or to send her messages of your love (we'll read it to her!). Thank you so much!
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