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Baby Girl was attacked by a dog, she is undergoing treatment and care. She currently has 15 stitches all over her head not counting her tongue. There is a possibility that she is going to need a feeding tube for a little while.

                         Baby Girl is the sweetest dog I have ever seen. She is loving and great with my kids. I got Baby Girl when she was 4 months old from a kennel. She looked up at me and wagged her tail. I did not have the full money at the time so I asked my husband who was my boyfriend at the time to help me get her.

                         Baby Girl loved me from that day on. She was my first baby before I had my 2 daughters. My oldest daughter Alexis used to sit on Baby Girls back and ride her around the house, and Baby Girl would let her. My youngest daughter Alyssa has deletion 22q13.3 syndrome and the first word that my daughter said was Puppy. Because of Baby Girl.

                                                            The Accident:

                 My oldest daughter sent he whole thing. She was out side playing with Baby Girl and our other dog, She is a Black Lab named Zoey. I heard screaming from my 3 year old daughter and she comes running in the house crying saying "mommy mommy Zoey is being bad to Baby Girl"
I ran outside as fast as I could to see Zoeys mouth around Baby Girls neck and throwing her head back and forth like a rag doll. I screamed at her to get away from Baby Girl. I got closer to Baby Girl to see her head was covered in blood and I did not see her breathing.

                    I ran inside called my husband whiling balling my eyes out and my daughter following me around crying saying " Baby Girl got a boo boo" I ran back out side and seen that Baby Girl was breathing. So the next thing I did was run next door and have the neighbors take Baby Girl to the Vet while waiting on my husband.

                     I talked to my neighbor and he said Baby Girl was laying on the floor board of the passagers side breathing, then she started breathing really fast and making strange noises. My neighbor Dustin said he Prayed to the lord above that Baby Girl make it and be safe. The next thing he knew her breathing was back to normal. She had gotten up and looked at him and tried to climb out of the Truck.

                      I went to the Vet right after she had arrived. They had her cleaned up allready. Baby Girl has scratches and bite marks all on her head. One above her left eye that seems to be irratating her eye. One on the side of her neck that missed an artery and had to be stitched. One big whole right under her chin between her chin and throat, which they had to stitch back to gather also had missed 2 major arteries. When they put Baby Girl under anesthesia to look in her mouth they noticed that one of Zoeys teeth had gone through Baby Girls tooth, and right through her tongue. Zoeys tooth had split Baby Girls tongue in half leaving it hanging by the skin of the tongue around the arteries.

                       On 4/15/2010 The Vet is doing surgery and amputating on Baby Girls tongue. They are going in and getting rid of the part that is dying off. It seems that her tongue is not healing. Baby Girl had been trying to eat without using her tongue and the drs have said that Baby Girl is showing some great will power to want to learn how to do it by her self.

                              Baby Girl is under close observation and may need a feeding tube if she is not able to eat because her neck is just so swollen from the attack.

                              Everyday so far we have gone to visit Baby Girl at the vet, my oldest daughter Alexis goes on and on about how she has a boo boo and she want to go see her. Yesterday Baby Girl was actually starting to walk around and wag her tail. She wanted me to hold her and rock her in my arms like a baby like I always do.

If I can raise money to help my Sweet Baby Girl, all the donations will be going to her care.

She currently has been seen by a great vet called All Pets Care Center in Prosper, TX and had to be transferred to the 24 hr clinic in Frisco TX where she is able to be under observation 24 hours.

All donations are greatly Appreciated
Thanks- Amy Sterling (214) 469-6521

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