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Devil Doll health update, RIP Justin - bassplayer

Posted by Colleen Duffy on January 1st, 2017

RIP - Justin Valdivia Your bass playing, your humor and all your ways are missed. Things and Devil Doll will never be the same without you.

As many of you know we are mourning the loss of our bass player, Justin Valdivia, who passed away in an accident last week from hitting his head on some rocks near the ocean in Costa Rica. I put together a photo album on FaceBook of a bunch of pics of him and you can check them out here...

I also posted a hilarious video of him doing an Owen Wilson impersonation. When we were on tour, he would like to call room service and pretend he was Owen Wilson and get free stuff. It was hilarious. PLEASE watch the video so that you can get to know Justin for a few minutes. The drives in the van were always my favorite part of touring. You can watch the video here...

Justin left behind his beautiful fiancee, Lisa, and her 4 amazing kids. He also left us with stories and memories. It is devastating and none of us will ever be the same.


On this first day of the new year of 2017, my medical fundraiser has officially been up for 2 years. Within that time, I have gone from wheelchair to using a cane, to no cane, to sometimes using a cane to needing nerve blocks to walk. I was diagnosed with chronic pain syndrome and 50 other things and I was told there was no cure for any of it, and the best I could do was to learn how to manage my pain. I said SCREW YOU, WHAT IS CAUSING THIS?? WHAT IS THE CAUSE? I refused to settle, become non-functioning and waste away in a chair or bed.

Because of your donations I have been able to continuously seek out other options and specialists that think outside the box. We now have a REALLY good idea of why I am in this situation and now finally have a protocol that is slowly pulling me out of this.

1. - Throughout my lifetime, I have had at least 15 concussions and this has done so much damage to my brain causing everything from memory loss to difficulty with stress recovery to nervous system dysfunction. I went from first chair violin when I was younger to not remembering how to play instruments or read music. This becomes much, much worse when you add any kind of toxicity or chemical poisoning.

2. -  Lead, mercury and arsenic toxicity. It's horrible, it destroys your brain and your body. We have no idea how this happened or if it was a cumulative event that just kept building.

3. - Mold toxicity (aka. Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome) Apparently I had been exposed to so much mold from behind walls that were seeping through, under sinks, storage spaces and from God knows what else that it acted as a neurotoxin and started to eat away at and destroy parts of my brain and nervous system. It would also put me into paralyzing pain where I couldn't walk for days at a time. Mold illness is the most under-diagnosed disease in America and is often mistaken for other diseases, such as Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and can even give you a heart attack. MOLD CAN KILL YOU, and most people don't even know what to look for. I deal with this everyday... it's bad and detoxing is not fun nor is it easy. You feel like you're dying. Susanne Somers has a great book called TOX-SICK.

4. - Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, cancer etc - These other conditions have been made worse by the toxicity and can be more easily managed upon removal of all of these toxins. This is why I am focusing on restoring my own body's way of healing myself. That ability had been thwarted in my body with the presence of so many poisons and toxins.

** Last week I just got back some brain MRI results that checked volume of 11 different parts of the brain, and it was discovered that I have experienced severe volume loss and atrophy in my brain. Some parts look like a patient with advanced Alzheimers. It is so unsettling, that I am still trying to deal with it. Between these results and Justin dying, I pretty much lost it.

I am told by a doctor in Australia who specializes in toxic mold detox that he has been able to restore volume to parts of the brain after successfully detoxing the mold and metals out. However, I am also dealing with the aftermath of 15 concussions which makes my case a little more difficult. This is why I am also working with a functional neurologist who gives me various exercises and training as well as neurofeedback.

I am grateful for your donations and am asking for your continued support. Seeing these doctors, alternative therapies, ALL the special supplements that are required for detox and support and occasional equipment are so expensive. This whole journey has financially crippled me and my family. EVERY $20 you donate goes a long way!!!!!!

I wish I was better at communicating with everyone, keeping up on social media etc, but honestly I have been so sick that I can go days without a shower because I am in too much pain or have NO energy to pull it off. So, I would like to thank everyone who has sent money, hugs, comments and messages. You, AND GOD have kept me going when things have gotten very dark. (and my Mom) So, thank you for everything you do. I am sitting on so much music that I can't wait to record so I am really looking forward to getting better. This is NOT EASY and I could not do it without the support from all of you.... THANK YOU.

-Colleen xo

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