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Devil Doll update - new medical protocol - $500

Posted by Colleen Duffy on November 30th, 2016


Hey everyone. I FINALLY found one of the best mold/chemical illness detoxifying doctors in the country and she is only an hour and a half from where I am! I see her this Friday. However, I NEED TO RAISE $500 ASAP to cover the travel, dr visit and the new list of supplements for my new protocol. The old protocols from other doctors are making me sicker and last week I was bedridden for 2 days with paralyzing pain that felt like I was being electrocuted to death. It hurt so badly I couldn’t even cry. Apparently, this is a common side effect of mold illness when it attacks your nervous system. (plus it inflates my EDS symptoms)

Once I start the protocol, I will have to do a colonic every 2-3 days near where I am staying so that will be an additional $500 -$700. When the mold (which has a hook into the tissue) is forced to release, it is then released into the system and then you have to hit it with something to dissolve it’s outer layer, then you have to rapidly flush it out of the system before it re-attaches it’s hook. That is why you have to do constant colonics. The metals will be releasing into the system as well and they need to be flushed asap or I will feel like I’m dying as they get re-absorbed. **Which is what keeps happening to me over and over again each time a different doctor has tried other protocols – I even lost use of my arms for 4 hours one time**

The great thing is that this will be my full time job for about 30 days, there is a whole regiment which is very intense…. But then it tapers off and I will continue to get better and better. I have spoken to people who have recovered by working with this doctor and her protocol and they are doing great. Other programs have different protocols and tell you it will take 5 years to be able to function properly. I should be feeling pretty awesome in about 6 months, but I am supposed to start feeling at least a bit better in a few weeks. Everyone is different.

Thank you for your continued support… and anyone who is able to help me through this next stage… THANK YOU! I can finally see the light at the end of this dark, dark tunnel. I will continue with updates…  OH, and I wrote another outlaw country song the other day, it might end up being the theme song for the new record.

-Colleen xoxoxo

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