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Devil Doll update - Mold illness & Billboard Mag.

Posted by Colleen Duffy on October 17th, 2016


Thank you everyone for your support! Here is my newest update.

I feel sick and nausceous all the time from all the toxicity from mold, lead and mercury. I have a few good days and then everything comes crashing down and I can’t get out of bed. Yesterday, I kept falling because my ankles kept giving out. I have a connective tissue disorder (EDS), that is acting up pretty badly right now. I have to get through this detox process which can be brutal. They have to use specific binding agents to pull out the mold and now, mycotoxins. If it pulls out too fast, I get so sick that I can’t function. It is a slow, tedious process. I have really lost patience with this process and I AM SO SICK OF BEING SICK. I can’t think straight or get anything done 80% of the time. IT SUCKS. Even my eyesight has become blurry, and I cannot see in dim lighting (from the mold). Sometimes I cannot even watch tv or read, because it hurts my eyes so badly. Sometimes I just sit there and breathe and try to be calm. I NEVER want to be sick ever again. There has to be an end in sight because there are people who have made it out the other side of these toxicity illnesses. Every single one of them felt like they were dying. It is intense and misdiagnosed all the time. I have a myriad of diagnoses… READY?

Ehlers – Danlos Syndrome, CIRS – Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (mold toxicity), lead and mercury toxicity, hyperkinetic heart syndrome, POTS – postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, sleep apnea, dysautonomia, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, restless leg syndrome, brain fog & cognitive impairment, memory loss, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, etc etc (there are like 20 more things)

I have required multiple nerve block procedures to keep me out of a wheelchair, as well as botox shots throughout my pelvis and pelvic floor. I have 3 different kinds of physical therapy I have to do which have pulled me out of deconditioning. It was a painful process, now it is about maintenance, endurance and muscle building…. (On the days that I can handle it, because I take weeks off at a time when I get sick. I am so exhausted and just got over 2 acute sinus infections in a row, (thanks mold illness). I was on 3 different kinds of steroids and couldn’t breathe.

I also have had to add unconventional modalities to my regime to keep me scotch-taped together to help me moving forward in my recovery and detox such as acupuncture, functional neurology with neurofeedback and eye tracking therapy, trigger point therapy, chiropractic with joint stabilization taping, cranial sacral, colonics and I’m supposed to add infra-red sauna at some point to help pull out the toxins. My body is not ready for it, nor can I afford it. These outside-the-box modalities have saved my life… especially the functional neurology aspect. I even just paid $200 for an online mold illness education course because my situation is so complicated and most doctors have NO IDEA how to treat it or which tests to run. Grateful the course exists, but yes, more money spent.

This entire process has financially broken me and my family and I have relied heavily on your donations. I feel like crying every time someone makes a donation. I would NOT have made it this far without you. This entire process, as long as it has been taking, has allowed for me to meet with a lot of amazing doctors and each one had one piece of the puzzle. I had to keep going out and collecting puzzle pieces until I had enough to try to put a section of a puzzle together because it was such insanity. This journey has been unbelievable. I still can’t even believe my life.  As most of you know, my father suddenly passed away last August from liver complications and his lovely side of the family said they would pay for it, and now, they have stuck me with the entire bill even though I was in and out of the hospital. I still owe around $4000 and can’t pick up my dad’s ashes until the bill is paid. I mean, what a shitshow. I don’t know how people sleep at night. This crap wakes me up in the middle of the night several times a week. If anyone wants to make donations directly to the funeral home, you can send a check or money order to Vodrazka Funeral Home in Independence, Ohio, with “for Colleen Duffy’s dad” as a note. They are good folks over there, they have been really patient with my situation.

On another note, BILLBOARD Magazine just interviewed me for a story they are doing about musicians who have gotten sick who have reached out through crowdfunding. I talked about all of you and how you guys all changed my life and keep me going. I will let you know when it comes out via social media, here or the newsletter. If you want to be on the mailing list send a private message through this Give Forward Campaign page with your email address. My agent was like, “Since Billboard friggin’ Magazine will be talking about you in their article, maybe you should update your 12 year old website.” Classic. But yes, more money spent.

My promise to those of you supporting me financially and through comments, is that I promise to not give up, I promise to follow through with my recovery protocols, I promise to keep writing these killer songs for the next record, I promise to give back to the world the best I can, and I promise to never forget to be GRATEFUL during this process no matter how horrible and painful things are. Perhaps by sharing and being honest I can prevent my past from being someone’s else’s future.

Thank you for all your continuous donations and support,

Colleen xo


* If any of you are Vets with COMBAT PTSD and would like to be a part of the book I am writing about combat PTSD, hit me back with a private message. Thx!


FUN FACT   ::::::::::    Because of the mold illness (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome) and the lead and mercury levels, I have become acutely sensitive to chemicals and smells. I walked into a tire shop and almost projectile vomited all over the counter from the rubber smell. I used to be able to sit in the lobby and wait, now I have to sit outside on the grass. I can’t handle the smell of perfumes and cologne I get instantly sick. My immune system is just thrashed. Good times.

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