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Devil Doll medical update - Aug 2016

Posted by Colleen Duffy on August 17th, 2016

Mold Awareness can save lives. There is also a great documentary out called MOLDY.

Hey everyone. I have not been active on any social media lately because it took too much energy. My full time job seems to be going to doctor appointments. The summer heat and humidity have kicked my ass, but I am still more active this summer than last because of my functional neurology doctor. She was able to calm down most of my POTS symptoms (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) and now I am able to walk around without falling down and tolerate heat WAY better. My dysautonomia prevents me from fully being able to regulate my own body temperature so I cannot stand around in high heat or humidity or I start to feel sick. I did have a setback yesterday and started to fall down in the pharmacy, but stress was a huge factor, and STRESS IS THE ENEMY. It makes everything much worse and makes it difficult for me to recover from stressful events whether it is environmental or life-related.

The functional medicine department discovered that I have signs of mold toxicity throughout my body, (which is really bad and debilitating because they can act as neurotoxins in your brain and nervous system), but I had to have a mold inspector look at my environment to make sure I would not be re-exposed once starting detoxification protocol. They found a lot of mold and one hour after walking around all the rooms of the basement my stabbing fibromyalgia pain came shooting throughout my entire body. It was HORRIBLE. 70% of the pain was gone the next day, but took about 5 days for the rest to disappear. Makes you wonder how many people in our society are suffering from environmental toxicity but are being mis-diagnosed. Needless to say... I have to move again. more expenses.

I am going out of state to see a specialist this weekend who I believe can really help me, so wish me luck. Once again, more expenses.

I am sitting on a BUNCH of new songs that I really want to record and we are planning on me flying back to Los Angeles after the holidays. I would really like to start recording shortly after that. In the meantime, I am doing all my therapies, working with my doctors, writing and sitting in air conditioned movie theatres. Movies have been my only enjoyment and actually allow my nervous system to focus on something else for 2 hours. Sometimes my pain is totally gone after the movie. This past week was Suicide Squad and Hell or High Water. I loved both.

So, this is my update... people have been asking for an update and I hate talking about myself but you guys have been so supportive and I don't know where I'd be without your messages, contributions and comments. Every $10, $20, $40 helps BIGTIME. I could use another round of donations to help me cover the cost of getting to and seeing this specialist which will be about $500. Anything at all is appreciated.

Thank you so much everyone...

-Colleen xo    *Devil Doll

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