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9-week-old puppy Nugget almost died of septic shock on 1/16/12. He's currently in the ICU @ OSU Veterinary Clinic. $2500 will bring him home

Last night my 9 eek old puppy, Nugget, went into the ICU at Ohio State Veterinary Clinic with an parasitic infection in his intestines caused by the Giardia parasite. He is only 2.2 lbs, and although he is up to date on all shots, de-wormer, vitamins etc, his little body and fragile immune system could not fight off the Giardia.

They said it would be approx $2500 and half of the estimate needed to be paid before they would event admit him. I maxed out my parents credit cards and my boyfriend’s credit card ( I do not have my own—just debit, which I used to pay the $150 fee just to look at him)

The other option they said, was euthanasia, since it’s very expensive to keep a dog in the ICU for several days. I could not kill my sweet little baby, at only 9 weeks old. I could not let him die because his momma couldn’t pay the bill. A better solution for them, was to give up on this tiny, precious life than to save him because it would cost too much. I could not let that happen.

Nugget is currently in the ICU at OSU Veterinary Medical Center with a central line IV into his neck that delivers his medicines, fluids, glucose etc. He is getting better day by day, but the bills are getting worse.

Do not feel obligated to help, but if you are able, or know someone who is, please help my little dude. I've applied to every grant, every Web site, every organization I can find. If you know of any others, or anyone who can help, please tell me.

Jackie (and Nugget)
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