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The friends of Eduardo Landaeta are uniting to raise money for his surgery to keep his dreams of playing for the U.S. in Brazil in 2014.

Eduardo came to the U.S. to pursue his dream of becoming a soccer star in the MLS. Born and raised in Venezuela Eduardo only ever wanted to be like his idol Ronaldo from Brazil. Eduardo secured a scholarship and traveled to the U.S. to begin his journey. After landing in the U.S. the harsh reality of life came home to him very fast. The costs of living combined with the frenetic and high stress nature of our society soon took its toll and Eduardo found himself struggling to achieve his dreams. As a way to supplement his goal of becoming a Major League Soccer (MLS) Player Eduardo started providing children with soccer coaching at incredibly reduced rates. This was the kind of coaching no 10 year old could get at their regular recreational or travel club. Eduardo has helped many young soccer stars of the future improve their skills, get into travel teams, and improve their fitness and most importantly work on their values and learn to use soccer as a way to perform in life. Many of his lessons involve doing the right thing, never giving up, respect your teammates and your opposition, and above all respect and be grateful to your family and friend. Many parents in the DC area have experienced significant change in their children as a result of Eduardo’s work with them. Eduardo was recently trying out at a soccer club when during a play and while executing a very sharp turn he felt his knee give way. He managed to hobble off the field and later that afternoon wound up in a hospital emergency room being x-rayed. No broken bones so he was told to rest. As he has no insurance, he was given very little advice and provided no follow up directions. With no family to turn to he decided to get on with his life the only way he knew how and that was continue with soccer lessons and keep up the search for a team to play on. However after a week of trying to get back to normal Eduardo quickly realized something more serious was wrong. As a friend, and as someone who has come to know Eduardo through his training of my son, I decided to ask Eduardo if he would see an orthopedic surgeon I knew. He agreed and after the visit it was confirmed that his Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) is torn and will need repair. As some of you may be aware, these are not cheap surgeries and for someone with no insurance, this is a massive challenge. We have helped Eduardo get his MRI, his diagnosis, and provide a level of support to help him through his current circumstances however we cannot afford to provide for his entire surgery. We are doing our best to find surgeons who can perform the surgery for a reduced rate however the minimum we are being quoted is $20,000 U.S. We are seeking help to raise the funds for his surgery and I will even begin the process by donating $200 to get the fundraising started. Please consider helping this young man keep his dream alive by donating to his cause. I assure you your donation will go way beyond helping Eduardo. If you saw him with the children he coaches, you will know your assistance helping him play and teach again will impact more than one life. It will help all those he in turn teaches and this is priceless. If you have any questions or wish to learn more about Eduardo you may contact a family representaive at: 703-684-4742. Thank you for your kind consideration of this request.

We have an update, we only need to raise $4500 as the injury is less than was originally thought and we have found a surgeon to provide at a much lower cost. 

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